Limitless: The Don Clear

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Form doesn’t just follow function with Limitless:The Don. Function is on full display. One of its ultra-performing technical features – Chemical Protection – show how only recently can dry erase be anywhere to demand productivity.

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So tenacious, working on it actually gives you strength

With Limitless:The Don, engineers at Draw It Performance set out to solve the problem of the lack of options for people in ultra-performing industries. They worked with more than 30 veterans in the fields of aerospace research, metal manufacturing, national logistics, and energy production who contributed their expertise to help guide the development of this dry erase formula.

As a result, you feel Limitless:The Don’s tenacity the moment you start working – like you are renewed, completely in control. This production center distributes your work evenly while supporting its harsh demands. The Chemical Protection allows you to work freely and naturally as it automatically resists a full range of materials. By reducing downtime and encouraging freedom to produce. Limitless:The Don allows creativity and productivity to flow more freely, which helps keep you focused.


Industrial grade – for heavy usage in large facilities with exposure to chemicals.

Chemical Protection – dry-erase performance remains unaffected by contact with harsh chemicals

…and all the specifications of Commercial grade…

Abrasion Tough – whiteboard paint surface will not score or scratch upon physical abrasion to maintain dry-erase performance

Ultra Strength – physical impact will not compromise the whiteboard paint surface

Strong Adhesion – physical impacts will not separate from the wall or substrate surface

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever

Additional information

Guaranteed coverage

100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

US Domestic

Shipped from US warehouse


Shipped from International warehouse


Draw It Performance dry erase paint, specialty rollers, manuals


Visa, Mastercard, American Express

62 reviews for Limitless: The Don Clear

  1. Carol Brooks

    I cant say enough good things about this! Best quality around. Please don’t stop making them exactly like you are now. It is the tradition and quality of The Don that differentiates this from all the others. Simply phenomenal.

  2. John Mcbride

    This was my first try of a whiteboard paint and they haven’t disappointed. Easy application and without even having to do routine care, it’s so easy to clean and keep these things in tip top shape!

  3. Edgar Tran

    I have had The don on wall for 4 years now. I live in the Midwest so this wall have seen a lot of snow, salt, mud, and water. The wall still looks amazing and wipes very smoothly once you let it fully clear.

  4. Essie Stokes

    Upkeep is very easy. At most, you need a damp cloth to keep the whiteboard clean and conditioned. Draw It Paint also has great videos on care and maintenance.

    I’m loving this paint and will be adding other colors (next the white) to the collection.

  5. Tiffany Hays

    I’ve had these Draw It Paint coated whiteboards for 9 months now and have used it outdoors in all sorts of conditions. From hot days to cold days, they hold up pretty well. Mud or snow is no issue to clean at all. Once you’ve applied the paint to any normal board they become so much more durable. Will buy more once I run out of paint. Would recommend.

  6. Dominic Shah

    Love at first sight!

    I have now used this for three days and can say that this paint is the business!!!!

    In hindsight I wish I would have bought it a long time ago, but also realise that the overall superb customer service is so important for that perfect fit.

  7. Summer Washington

    I just bought from Draw It Paint a short time back and already have become the most used writing medium I have. I crushed my finger around the start of the 2010s and have had real problems finding ways to write the don’t that don’t hurt within a few hours of consistently doing so. I have been in media for over 15 years and had many different writing materials and these by far are the toughest and smoothest.

    P.S. It was my ring finger that got crushed. In a door.

  8. Dania Liu

    They are a little bit more expensive than average but I will keep buying them as they not only look but perform AMAZING…. great for office work as well. A great quality paint with even better customer service.

  9. Markus Oldman

    I purchased these cans of paint about 2 1/2 years ago. The paint has stood up to the harsh punishment that I give it. Writing on the wall almost 8 hours a day is punishment enough for any whiteboard. I work in cleanliness services and have put it through everything. The wall looks brand new regardless and has consistently been in pretty good shape. One of the most useful purchases I have ever done. 20 years in the industry, you learn a thing or two on when to take these victories.

  10. Kaden Olsen

    Amazing whiteboard paint. Has made writing fun! Great paint overall that has last for a couple years! Material for starters & professionals. You’ll find exactly what your looking for. Thank you Draw It Paint!

  11. Konnor Boyer

    I’ll put it simply: easy to apply, smooth finish, easily cleaned, excellent customer service. Seriously, try their paints out. Beyond worth it.

  12. Dean Stevenson

    I purchased Draw It Paint 30 days ago as a “casual user” of the arts, as my employment currently does not require strenuous use of this product. I’ve just been using it in my spare time and it is as practical as you want it to be. If I had to do it all over again I would make the same purchase all over again. This USA-brand paint is awesome. Thanks Draw It Paint!

  13. Monica Orozco

    I love how it can withstand getting sat on. I did it by accident and I thought I’d instantly regret it but surprisingly enough, even if it was just originally only cardboard, the paint made it so much stronger!

  14. Payton Watson

    My kids have become academic prodigies thanks to this paint. I painted their rooms with it so the can work on homework and be creative. Ever since then, their grades have gone way up and they both seem to enjoy school again. Very happy with the results.

  15. Rachel Hayes

    One of the best decisions I could have made was choosing Draw It Paint. All the other whiteboard brands have sketchy reviews, but not these guys. They really deliver on the quality and it looks awesome!

  16. Adalynn Small

    Hard to say anything bad about Draw It Paint. My research team was tired of replacing old, worn down whiteboards that maybe lasted us 3 months before they started to show age. Flash forward to now, almost 8 months after we started using The Don, and it has no signs of wearing down!

  17. Reese Gilbert

    Draw It Paint gives any whiteboard you paint on a very smooth surface which feels good to use. My school uses it and it makes it easier for teachers to write and erase, and even the students notice it too!

  18. Jack Gerchrist

    I used the whiteboards as a suggestion to make our office better and it did. I had received some recognition, had a promotion, all those things. Cut to a few months later, I started using Draw It Paint in my own home now. Why? Because any space you can save is crucial if your house is small. It also makes my office area at home more professional and more usable for other things. The qualities I love are the same, it is flawless, big and it really delivers on its product promise.

  19. Clarence Neal

    Attention to detail, great customer service and above market value on the product in terms of usage and useful life! It applied really smoothly, and it set very quickly. Thanks for all the help! Draw it paint, at this point has made my days after it more magical and practical!

  20. Elisabeth Glover

    I first used Draw it Paint at a client site and they loved it. My daughter is a budding artist, she’s always drawing on everything. Her painting and drawing abilities are getting much better, so I used some of it to create a surface for her to sketch on. She can post something on the wall, draw, we can move it, display it, remove it, replace it with a new masterpiece, all simply and conveniently. I’m loving it so far, and if it sounds like something you’re interested in, it will probably exceed your expectations. Draw it paints basically give you the freedom to create exactly what you need.

  21. Rosa Green

    Got the idea to get this whiteboard from reddit and I didn’t expect much. Upon further research, I stumbled into their Expert Series and I am convinced this company has good morals in addition to a good product. And as I have experienced, it is a pretty damn good product..had simple instructions and safety materials in it that were easy to find, immediately seen when I opened it. It gave me help in my leisure but now it has been useful in all areas of my life, with its durability and smoothness.

  22. Jean Villarreal

    This whiteboard is basically the reason me and my girlfriend finally got together. I did the whiteboard bit Taylor Swift did in ‘You Belong With Me’. Funnily enough, that’s how I invited her to prom and eventually got together with her. So I always love telling this story and keeping the fact that Draw It Paint basically is the reason this was all possible.

  23. Devan Serrano

    I was in the market for something like this and decided to give Draw it Paint a try instead of going with a traditional cheapo whiteboard. This stuff rocks, you can make the exact surface you need, and you get plenty of paint in one can. So glad I tried it out instead of getting another busted old whiteboard. Anyone on the fence should give it a chance, it’s crazy good stuff.

  24. Leia Maccom

    As a coach of a middle school little league team, I couldn’t care less about which board was whiter or better. These Parents’ Association funded whiteboards really do the trick for me. It don’t fool around and I used it from coaching to sketching so seamlessly. I used to think it did not matter. But with how amazing it is and how quickly I can now re-write plays for my kids and not having to worry bout ‘em not understanding it. I’m pretty sure I got something special in my hands now.

  25. Savanna Cavazos

    Draw It Paint really upped standard of work in the office, making everyone better and more organized, even friendlier too. Because of this, everyone from lower to higher level management appreciates these whiteboards. Some people even jokingly touch them for good luck. After our Charity grand opening, the gloss surface was amazing! It will keep me and my friends coming back whenever we think of a new surface to Pin or Explore.

  26. Bari Yang

    After having this for more than a couple of months now, I can safely say I’m more into this and more confident in using this product. Most of it due to practice, but their customer service helped bridge the gap too! I use this currently as the master list for my life, both in my office and in my bedroom. I write everything I want or need to do now. Draw It Paint has had an effect on me. They know how to do whiteboards!

  27. Jovita Ha

    As a teacher of kindergartners, Draw It Paint is real lifesaver for teachers and a clear fan favorite for kids as it makes stains easy to wipe or clean and the kids can really draw and doodle on the wall to their heart’s content. No brakes on the imagination train for them, and no inconveniences for me and my co-workers, so its win-win-win. The third win ’cause Draw It Paint also wins with my satisfaction.

  28. Case Barrera

    I’ve been in the construction industry for 20 years and I came across Draw It Paint. The Don I had in our warehouse is still is in great shape and I’ve never had complaints. I commend its tried and tested durability. It has not giving us less than 110% of what it did the first day we used it!

  29. Reyna Drakw

    “Add it to the board” has become a constant line in our household thanks to Draw it Paint. We’ve gone through countless cheap boards over the years, I really think of them as weekly (ok, more like monthly) disposable products… These paints are the first unique solution I’ve seen in… probably ever, honestly. The surface it empowers you to create is outstanding quality compared to anything else I’ve used. One order is plenty enough to resurface or expand, whatever you want, really! I’m so happy and impressed that I just had to do a review.

  30. India Church

    This is such a neat idea. It never would have occurred to me to stop buying endless cheap boards and get some paint instead! It erases like a dream once you’re all setup, so much better than what I’m used to. Draw it Paint has a really unique and cool product on their hands. I never thought I would be on the internet raving about a whiteboard, but here I am. Hope this review helps anyone on the fence.

  31. Aisha Marshall

    Here’s to Draw It Paint for making traditional whiteboards a thing of the past. I have one normal board, and two Limitless painted boards in my office. I keep the old one as a reminder of just how terrible those things can be! Seriously, it’s so black and stained, you can barely tell it used to be white. The Limitless boards, on the other hand, shine bright! They look brand new, no matter what! Truly remarkable and my favorite office tool.

  32. Larry Frost

    The Don is a fitting name for this paint, because it is truly the big bad boss of the paint-on dry erase board. The market doesn’t have many options, but I can assure you there is zero competition for Draw It Paint. They offer the best of the best in that regard, and it shows in the reviews. Smooth, sleek, easy to clean, all of this and more rings true with Draw It Paint’s Limitless: The Don. I’ll definitely be using this for the rest of my life, guaranteed.

  33. Deanna Thompson

    I received a can of The Don as a birthday present and was confused at first. I didn’t really know about dry-erase paint, but it looked like a trendy new product from the packaging. I tried a little bit out to resurface my existing whiteboards. The difference is unreal, it cleans as good as new with no effort. If you’re a hardcore whiteboard user it is essential that you get your hands on some Draw it Paint.

  34. Zachariah Hensley

    If I had to put my feelings towards Draw It Paint into one word, it would be: AMAZING! This is a truly great creation. Limitless is a paint that truly is as the name suggests. You could probably paint your toilet with it and it would come out pristine! The ideal writing surface paired with a finish that will last a lifetime. Really impressed by the incredible Limitless paint from Draw It Paint Inc.

  35. Braylon Carrillo

    Don’t judge me but I painted my shelf with whiteboard paint. Don’t worry, it’s my room, no one will see it. But I did it with the purpose of trying to label my book collection without those annoying bookends. I have too many books already and those things will just eat space. Draw It Paint really gives you the avenue to explore and be creative with your choices in interior design!

  36. Amir Ferguson

    The best part of the clear Limitless paint is that it can be used virtually anywhere! For example, I’ve used it to paint a wall in the living room, a shower wall, and a desktop. It really is the versatile and functional! It finishes perfectly no matter the surface and whether it’s used 10 times or 10,000 times, it still cleans just the same. I’m very happy with this paint and will recommend Draw It Paint from now on.

  37. Elsa Martin

    “Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers, to turn on the light.”- Dumbledore. Draw It Paint helped me find my light thanks to The Don. It allowed to me to write, draw, and express myself in a whole new way. I feel truly free now that I’ve had my Draw It Paint board for over a year. If this is what light and happiness is supposed to be, then I would recommend Draw It Paint to unleash the true meaning of life.

  38. Reginald Berg

    Me and my roomate went in on a can of DrawItPaint for the apartment and it has been a hit. We don’t have the nicest place so this was a huge improvement, all of our visitors have been complimenting it and having fun vandalizing our calendar. It seems like a strange thing to be so excited for when hanging with the fellas but damn, they found a way to make a white board that good.

  39. Rory Rosario

    If you can manage to get your hands on some DrawIt Paint, try it out. Actually I think they offer samples if you contact them. This is the best dry-erase surface money can buy. The wipe, look, durability and flexibility are all top drawer. I really don’t see how a whiteboard could be expected to be anything more than what we have here.

  40. April Cantrell

    I’ve been using Draw It Paint in my office for the last year or so. I work as a councilor and have found it gives me a few different options with my work. I can use it for personal items like scheduling and appointments. However, I often use it for patients to write out feelings and thoughts, to help them express and get things off their chest. It has helped a few of those people immensely, so I have to give a big thank you to Draw It Paint for creating a dry erase paint that has, literally, helped change lives.

  41. Roland Moss

    Draw It Paint provides a high quality paint-on whiteboard that is perfect for a professional setting. I’ve been running a flight school for the last 10 years, and have been using The Don for about 3 of them. I’d replaced 4 or so whiteboards before I bought from Draw It Paint, so it has been worth the money. 3 years in and I see no signs of having to re-paint or replace The Don. It still shines like new. The perfect whiteboard solution that will last for years.

  42. Hector Zimmerman

    What can be said about Draw It Paint’s The Don that hasn’t been said a hundred times now? Well, they’re all worth repeating because this stuff is so amazing. I love writing on it. It’s the perfect tool to be using for school and all note taking/studying/planning. I can leave my important stuff up for a month or longer, and it’ll still wipe off very easily! I can’t praise DIP enough and really think everyone should buy their paint.

  43. Karter Robinson

    I work in newspaper editing and we use the dry erase paint from Draw It Paint in my office. We use it to cover article ideas, marketing, and all that other good stuff. Super reliable paint. We’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still like new. Cleans easy, writes easy, makes life easy. Almost as easy as my ex-wife. Can’t say enough good stuff, real quality work here. Draw It Paint should be proud.

  44. Monica Lester

    Draw It Paint has one of the smoothest surfaces I have ever felt on a whiteboard. As an educator, the medium and tools that have been used over the decades have significantly evolved, even in the last 5 years. What I’m trying to say is that this whiteboard can be still on par with all the other teaching tools today. It’s so easy to use, so easy to clean and more durable than an average blackboard. It does not even ghost!

  45. Kristin Arellano

    DrawItPaint is essential for any office / shop where a whiteboard gets heavy use. This is one of those products where you can tell the company actually cares about what they make. It’s long lasting, durable, and the customer service experience is second to none. They called us up to make sure everything was setup correctly and we were satisfied. I don’t know if they do that at the individual level; but we really appreciated that little personal touch. It goes a long way.

  46. Nikki Rocha

    I bought these to use with my kindergarten class. We are “greeting cards” for the holidays, more specifically a Christmas picture for their parents’ Christmas gift. We are having so much fun and they are so cute. I will definitely do this activity again next year as a new tradition. Before I bought crayons and they painted individually, but with Draw It Paint, they can draw on a whole wall and have some sort of social interaction and teamwork! These kids are talented and I just brought the potential out with the right activity! It really spiced up the holiday cheer this year!

  47. James Mahoney1188

    These are probably my favorite art materials I’ve ever bought! I made the whiteboard pretty big, but still small enough to put in the back of the car or truck! I write quotes, observations and ideas I remember at least once a day. With regards to dry erase markers, I’m already on my 3rd one as I write a lot and have been using Draw It Paint for more than half a year now. Aside from writing on it, I think my favorite part of these is that I can draw on the paint-on board because it doesn’t have the typical finish of a normal whiteboard.

  48. Anne Solomon

    For the price, this in my opinion (as a novice artist) is a great buy! For a paint-on, whether for a wall or whiteboard or anything you can think of, Draw It Paint is thick and smooth. It is perfect for the job. I may not be experienced with art, but I’m experienced with house renovation. Even if the board backing isn’t the thickest I’ve used, add the paint and it makes it good enough! It is a great product that gets the job done, you just have to have a vision because it’s flexibility gives you a lot to work with!

  49. Jadiel Beard

    Ever since I painted The Don in my son’s bedroom, his grades have gone way up and he now seems to really enjoy coming home to do his schoolwork. This has been absolute blessing for us! We only have Draw It Paint to thank for re-invigorating his learning!

  50. Emmanuel Weiss

    As a long time user of DiP’s Limitless, I can say with certainty that it’s the best whiteboard paint on the market. It’s easy to apply and finishes with a perfectly level surface. You’re left with the perfect dry erase board that will last forever! Love this amazing paint!

  51. Yazmin Allison

    I was getting tired of the old chalkboard in my office, so I wanted to swap to a whiteboard. Figured it would be a bit cleaner. However, every board my colleagues used seemed to stain and wear away over a few months. Limitless, from Draw It Paint, has changed the game for me. It took all of the problems of normal whiteboards, and solves them. No staining, to wear down, no mess. Pure excellence.

  52. Jason Quintu

    I’m assembling a marketing team where I want everyone to be in the same room, from the people in the beginning of the process to the end. Everyone will be bouncing their ideas of each other and I want to picture a long chain with comments and feedback along the line. We’ll throw in some Post Its to make it all flow well; I bought The Don of course. The best drawitpaint has to offer, with diamond durability and glass smooth finish, it is the best for the Best Team, which is us. Got the clear one too so everyone can have an idea what is on it from any side of the room. Always Winning!

  53. Tabitha Crane

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I stand before you, on this glorious Wednesday, to deliver unto you, the good word of Draw It Paint. Never before has the dry erase world been as reliable and near perfection as Limitless: The Don. The ultimate dry erase paint. I am very lucky to get to use this paint every day, and have been for the last 4 years. It’s really remarkable and I highly recommend this and all other Draw It Paint products.

  54. Bruce Cervantes

    Draw It Paint has been a major source of my productivity and entertainment these days when most of my work is at home! It’s so easy to be unproductive, to be lazy when all your life is meshed into one common area. Sleeping too much is already bad enough, but spending waking hours just scrolling through your phone doing nothing is even worse. Thankfully, I’ve waken up from my rut and scheduled activities for myself on the whiteboard. Now, I’m taking my chance to do new things and keep in shape. I have my the Recruit to thank as its steadfastness really keeps me in line when I feel like I hate myself on some days.

  55. Yazmin Peterson

    I’m a Draw It Paint veteran, coming up on 6 years of ownership of my Limitless dry erase paint. Appart from maybe a few select items, I’ve never bought something this reliable in my life. 6 years of near daily use, and here it stands, almost as perfect as the day I bought it. It’s still very clean and as far as I can tell, it’s not wearing away anywhere. I’m nothing if not extremely pleased with Draw It Paint and their line of dry erase paints.

  56. Kira Jimenez

    As a long-employed babysitter, I am so used to using whatever the parents or guardians leave for me at their homes for me to use to entertain, calm or even educate kids. From their video games to books to helping them with their homework, you kinda have to be adaptable and take each activity in stride. What I added to my repertoire in recent memory, is the Draw It Paint The Thinker. Kids (who don’t play video games too much) love it. It also helps that I can draw so that is an extra thing for them to love too. Plus, parents love it since it’s wholesome and somewhat educational in their opinion. For me, I just thought it would be a nice addition to the different activities that can be done. And that is my experience with Draw It Paint and how it helped me get a pay raise.

  57. Reese Friedman

    At this point, my friends and family are definitely sick and tired of me going on and on about Draw It Paint. I just can’t seem to get enough gushing over how awesome this paint is! The Don has been such a joy to use for my art, with the clear giving me the ability to apply it anywhere and transform any surface into a rich tapestry.

  58. Kira Duncan

    The clear paint is incredibly cool. I used it on a number of different surfaces just to see what it could do. Walls, tables, desks, counters, it does it all, leaving you with an amazing dry erase surface! And it keeps the same qualities of anti-staining and self-leveling. Draw It Paint have done it again!

  59. Carlo Bender

    Draw It Paint really makes it easier for me to continue working on my thesis as now I have a large space that is completely and easily under my control at home. With how much things change in a single paper, this whiteboard helps me keep track of the edits I make to slightly skew my points a different direction. It never ghosts so anything I write can be read clearly and any erasure I make is permanent so nothing gets confused. My The Thinker has gotten past being a luxury to being a necessity as it really has made the scholastic aspect of my life easier.

  60. Raul Malone

    The Don has been in my home for a year and it’s awesome. Coming in clear has been a blessing, since I didn’t have to cover up my cool, blue walls. It’s a smooth dry erase surface that helps me organize my ridiculous life. Draw It Paint rules!

  61. Grady Fry

    You can’t think about dry erase without including Draw It Paint in the conversation at this point. I’ve tried so many brands with a mindful mentality to compare throughout all these years and after a lifetime of observation, I can safely say that their surfaces are too smooth for me to deserve! They are constantly great and I feel like it’s brand new every time I use it!

  62. India Booker

    At first, I was afraid at the thought of a dry erase paint. Honestly, I was petrified. I wasn’t sure I wanted something “permanent” on my walls if it would just stain and fade like a normal whiteboard does. However, after 6 months of use, I can assure everyone that a Draw It Paint product is built to last and designed to perfection. All of my worries have proven to be for nothing, as I’ve had nothing but a perfect experience with the Limitless clear paint.

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