Limitless: The Don White

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Form doesn’t just follow function with Limitless:The Don. Function is on full display. One of its ultra-performing technical features – Chemical Protection – show how only recently can dry erase be anywhere to demand productivity.

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So tenacious, working on it actually gives you strength

With Limitless:The Don, engineers at Draw It Performance set out to solve the problem of the lack of options for people in ultra-performing industries. They worked with more than 30 veterans in the fields of aerospace research, metal manufacturing, national logistics, and energy production who contributed their expertise to help guide the development of this dry erase formula.

As a result, you feel Limitless:The Don’s tenacity the moment you start working – like you are renewed, completely in control. This production center distributes your work evenly while supporting its harsh demands. The Chemical Protection allows you to work freely and naturally as it automatically resists a full range of materials. By reducing downtime and encouraging freedom to produce. Limitless:The Don allows creativity and productivity to flow more freely, which helps keep you focused.


Industrial grade – for heavy usage in large facilities with exposure to chemicals.

Chemical Protection – dry-erase performance remains unaffected by contact with harsh chemicals

…and all the specifications of Commercial grade…

Abrasion Tough – whiteboard paint surface will not score or scratch upon physical abrasion to maintain dry-erase performance

Ultra Strength – physical impact will not compromise the whiteboard paint surface

Strong Adhesion – physical impacts will not separate from the wall or substrate surface

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever

Additional information

Guaranteed coverage

100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

US Domestic

Shipped from US warehouse


Shipped from International warehouse


Draw It Performance dry erase paint, specialty rollers, manuals


Visa, Mastercard, American Express

70 reviews for Limitless: The Don White

  1. Gerald Baker

    After going through a couple other lower-end brands, the quality and longevity are unmistakable. The only negative thing I can think of was the drying process, but it works perfectly afterwards! The customer service is beyond amazing, contacting me after purchase and helping with installation! These guys rule!

  2. Gary Johnston

    Im a veteran and buying american is at the top of my list AND Draw It Paint is Local!~ Yes, please! This is my second serving of The Don and I love them even more than the first wall! They take a good month to settle after application, before being able to let my crew mark on it all day long. But once the surface is settled, and broken in, they are second to none, the best surface to glide across with any Expo!

  3. Ronald Graves

    I look at it as an investment, for a product that rarely needs maintenance and care regardless of how much you use it. I can see myself using these amazing paints for another 20 years. Thank you for such quality paint, Draw It. A customer for life!

  4. Jerry Reed

    Bought a can for my kids’ playroom. They went nuts once they realized they could now draw on ANY wall in there. No paint smell and kid friendly, so it was a good choice! Clean and professional, that’s Draw It Paint for ya’.

  5. Trinity Flores

    Tried many brands of whiteboard paints and these are top tier. I’m constantly in water, slurry, cement, and outside in the snow and ice cold. Great scratch or dent resistance and durable. Honestly not sure how anyone can complain about whiteboards when you can buy one from Draw It Paint that can last 10 years. In different paper industries many of us are working 60 hours a week and you have whiteboards that do everything you can on paper but better.

  6. Winston Holt

    I have been using Draw It Paint for 3 years, for work and for my personal life. Never let me down.

  7. Case Barrera

    Being carpenter for over a decade and having used Draw It Paint for more than 2 years, I made the mistake of trying to save some money and buying a different brand of paint, I instantly realized I made a mistake. The paint they have on my walls are still as good as they were when I bought them and now I’m thinking of buying a new pair of cans for another room in my house.

  8. Tripp Shea

    The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy them years ago when I came to know them. The application process seemed daunting, so I opted for a traditional whiteboard. That was a mistake! The customer service guided me through the entire process and it was much easier than I built it up to be in my head! The quality speaks for itself!

  9. Rex Dunn

    Great paint. Maybe a little overwhelming on first time use as my wall seems to shine a bit brighter the first time the coat settles, even with my wall falling apart prior. But I do have appreciation for what it brings to the table. Love Draw It Paint. It makes it look good. They feel new . Very smooth and durable.

  10. Konnor Case

    The paint on the whiteboard lasted me a whole year as of last month. It still works great and I see myself using this for years to come. It’s the whiteboard to end all. Buy this if you hate having to replacing things time and time again.

  11. Shayla Ramsey

    Great for our home. The kids love it. My partner does too. It is very smooth, practical and really steals the spotlight of the living room wall where it is now. Just happy it works as advertised and it has a positive effect on all our lives.

  12. Salma Maynard

    Very satisfied with this paint. It looks great and cleaning it is very easy. Probably the best paint of its kind on the market. The Don was my first investment in Draw It Paint. One of many to come 🙂

  13. Wendy Peck

    Too many good things to say about Draw It Paint. Best customer service of any company. A quality product that actually backs up all its claims. Easy to clean and it looks awesome. So happy I bought The Don!

  14. Wendy Peck

    Best customer service of any company. A quality product that actually backs up all its claims. Easy to clean and it looks awesome. So happy I bought The Don!

  15. Camryn Caldwell

    While setting up, I had an incident where I accidentally painted over part of the wall that wasn’t supposed to be painted over. Good thing The Don White matched the color of the wall. So eventually, when the original part that was supposed to be painted was finished, I just did the other part too. And regardless of what happened, even if it had nothing to do with product error more of human error, it turned out pretty well. 13/13

  16. Joe Benson

    The white looks great in any room! It’s got a great polished finish, that is near indestructible. Draw It Paint really nailed it with this one. Total professionals who make quality paint.

  17. Malachi Ayala

    This endlessly fascinating swirl of a product could have come only from Draw It Paint, who blends their advancement with technology of with the spectacular insight of how market and tell people how to use their product. It is amazing how good The Don White can be.

  18. Deborah Mosley

    Combining enough great qualities to rival the avengers of whiteboards, along with the limitless potential it gives you, you’ve got yourself a winning product that will stand the test of time.

  19. Jon Snawler

    This whiteboard really saves on space and helps us organize information between different people. After consulting your customer service representatives, they showed me to this, and everything works great. I’ve gone through the whole 2019 on 1 whiteboard! Thanks, Draw It Paint!

  20. Shayna Gregory

    Every marker I’ve used writes on this amazingly, a good solid line that erases effortlessly. Used the Draw it Paint Don. The surface appears to be very durable (we’ve used all kinds of things to erase it… paper towel, rag, tee shirt, tissue, etc). We even used this on a hand-held board for a five-day outdoor video production where it was handled a LOT. It’s held up like a champ so far, still appears good as new!

  21. Immanuel Meza

    Deciding to invest in quality over picking up another random whiteboard, I chose The Don for use in our office. It really is beautiful, it’s not just a functional but an aesthetic improvement as well. Sometimes I forget to clean it off, or things need to be up there for weeks, either way it always comes perfectly clean. They give you plenty of Draw it Paint for multiple surfaces which is a huge plus. This is honestly looking to be the last whiteboard related purchase I’ll ever have to make.

  22. Pierre Cruz

    I am a person that is constantly forgetting things, what a blessing it has been to find Draw it Paint. I wanted the best solution available, I wanted it to be low-tech, and I didn’t mind spending a little more for quality. This isn’t just another crappy whiteboard, you’re really getting what you pay for. I applied it straight onto an open wall section for a seamless look, notes and reminders everywhere now! I love this stuff, it’s been a game changer for me.

  23. Eric Stout

    I shall not name the company, but I’ve had it with the poor quality whiteboards that I am required to use while running training sessions, said boards are rarely, if ever replaced. It not only looks unprofessional, but it really slows me down. But here’s the good news. I went on my own and found exactly what I needed, Draw it Paint, I figured if nothing else I could use it at home. I got permission and completely resurfaced my boards. The difference is shocking to say the least. They are now perfect for the task and hand, and absolutely vibrant. Turned out to be a happy ending, as I was reimbursed for the cost of the paint once the improvement was seen.

  24. Natalee Waller

    Buying my whiteboard paint from Draw It Paint was definitely the right decision. They claim to be THE whiteboard paint company, and I can see why. This stuff is incredibly high quality. The coverage you get out of one can is insane. I think I painted 3 walls with it. Most other brands need multiple coats per surface, but not these guys. Easy to paint on and provides an awesome writing surface. I love Limitless and I love Draw It Paint!

  25. Bobby Huber

    I’ve been using Draw It Paint’s Limitless for the past two years. In that time, I have been constantly surprised by how great it is. You would think the novelty of it would wear off over time but it’s proven to be the good, and that groundbreaking, over and over again. I never get tired of how easy it is to clean (my favorite feature) nor do I get tired of how good it looks. Seriously, two years now and it’s still the brightest white possible. This stuff is great and I tip my hat to Draw It Paint.

  26. Baylee Montgomery

    Limitless: The Don, the mack-daddy of all the Draw It Paint products. It is indeed The Don, because what you have here is an offer that you simply cannot refuse. Draw It Paint have taken the paint-on dry erase board, and turned it into the ultimate tool. Perfect for writing and drawing, cleans with ease, and lasts forever, I’ve found myself wondering how any other company that sells this type of paint is still in business. There is simply no substitute for The Don, and definitely none for Draw It Paint, either.

  27. Saniya Skinner

    After months of paint-staking research and testing, my findings are that Draw It Paint Inc. make the BEST whiteboard paint on the market! Rustoleum? Junk. Idea Paint? Junk. The one true king of the hill is Draw It Paint and their amazing paint, The Don! I love using The Don every day for work and for play. Whether it’s writing out notes or doodling with my kids, it is truly the miracle paint you need in our life!

  28. Drew Robertson

    As a long time user of Draw It Paint dry-erase paints, I can tell everyone that they are the cream of the crop. I bought my first can in 2010, which I used for my time in college. Now, almost a decade later, I still have that same board to this day. I can tell you that their 10-year warranty is very generous, but the fact is this bad boy is going way past 10 years. It still looks bright and white. It still feels smooth. A decade of use, and not the slightest sign of wear and tear. Truly an amazing product that will stand the true test of time.

  29. Kyan Stout

    I had to go out of my way and show some support after using Draw it Paint for a few weeks. Very amazing! The customer service was great too, they stayed on the phone with me until I had all of the answers I needed; they must be very patient to be able to deal with me. In the end I made a beautiful board, so I guess anyone can do it! Again I want to emphasize, while it is a great product, the service I received is why I’m leaving such a glowing review. I’m happy to be a part of the Draw it Paint team.

  30. Brennen Baker

    I have been working in radio for a few years now, and every week we have meetings to talk about sponsors, set lists, all that jazz. We bought The Don from Draw It Paint to use instead of a normal dry erase board, and I think it’s been a huge success. It works essentially the same, but the key is in the cleaning. Super easy wipe down, which makes it much quicker to be done with. We even painted an extra board for the DJ booth so the guys can leave easy notes for themselves and we can cut down on paper use.

  31. Alejandro Simmons

    The Don deserves all the love in the world. This paint is very good. I’ve been using mine for 3 years, and to this day, it’s as white as ever. Normally you’d expect some staining, some fading, whatever might come, and honestly, I wouldn’t even be mad after 3 years. However, Draw It Paint have perfected the formula, and she’s still looking as good as new. The paint that will last a lifetime and put all traditional whiteboards to shame.

  32. Hayden Copeland

    I first bought Limitless about two years ago. I wanted it for my kids to use in their rooms. Since then, I’ve purchased it again, because it works so well I wanted some for myself! Now it sits in the home office, getting scribbled on every day, and it’s the best! It wipes off easy, stays white, and doesn’t stain(!!!). Hard to believe anything whiteboard related could do that, but I suppose Draw It Paint have mastered the way to prevent it from happening. Consider me another of many happy customers.

  33. Karson Cuevas

    I love to multitask. It’s a big part of my success and my work. That’s why I bought The Don! I’ve had it up for about 8-9 months and it rules! When I’m on long conference calls, I can stand and take as many notes as I need. No more clacking keyboards when I’m on a business call or wasting paper. Then, I can leave it up there for days and days with no fear of it staining the wall or getting stuck. DrawItPaint has a best in class product on their hands.

  34. Alejandro Hall

    In my spare time, I like to do street art. Not for the money, but for the entertainment aspect. I’ve used paint, chalk, you name it, but paint is single use, and chalk only goes so long before you have to replace the boards. Thus, my venture into Draw It Paint! I found their Instagram in my discovery section, so I watched a view videos, read the reviews and was sold! With a can of The Thinker, and some old plywood, I’ve created a new art surface that is super versatile and very durable! It’s stood up in rain and snow, no damage and super reliable. I love it!

  35. Jazlyn Pierce

    Whiteboards are something I am more than familiar with. Time and time again, I would find myself replacing a board every ~6 months. They wear away surprisingly fast, but I suppose mine might have been getting more use than most. I decided to change to The Don, which seemed like a more permanent solution, and I’d say it’s been a great success. It’s been well over a year, and it still looks brand new! It cleans as easy as ever and not a single stain or fade to be seen. I love DIP’s Limitless: The Don!

  36. Dominique Davis

    Let me preface my review by saying, it’s all true. Draw It Paint, after a year of using this (and probably more!) has the most effortless wipe of any whiteboard I’ve used in my life…probably ever. I only have the highest praise for it as I cannot count how much time and frustration it has saved me from. It has a calming effect for someone like me who is always stressed and gets triggered by the most mundane inconveniences. For example I got mad at my door the other day as it took more than 5 seconds to close. I wouldn’t say I’m grumpy, its just a lot sometimes and this whiteboard serves as the anti-thesis of my tiring days of uni.

  37. Karlie Cervantes

    I love this paint so much, I’ve been telling everyone about it! I used Limitless to paint the playroom for my kids and it’s been a roaring success. They love to draw all over it, always having a good time. Plus I don’t have to try and store a bunch of papers and crayons. They get to draw to their heart’s content, and it wipes off easy enough for them to clean it. The perfect tool for any and all parents! If you have kids who love to write/draw, I definitely say you look into buying from Draw It Paint!

  38. Melody Bryan

    I work for the City of Seattle, and one thing we really like to pride ourselves on are buying supplies/products that are local, if at all possible. We use Draw It Paint’s dry erase paint in some of our command offices and it was a great choice. We now have whiteboards that will last a long time, saving us money in the long run, and we got to support another Seattle business. Three cheers for Draw It Paint!

  39. Caroline Chambers

    Draw It Paint’s Limitless is their high-end paint-on dry erase paint option. It’s self-leveling, self-smoothing, and easy to clean. I’ve been using it for a year or so, and I can attest to all three of those things. I was worried that painting this on my wall would mess things up without a primer, but it dried and turned out very smooth. Additionally, it is very easy to clean. 30 days? I’ve had stuff up for almost 90 days and it still wipes off with ease. Worth every cent and more.

  40. Sheldon Castro

    Story time: I bought can of The Don for my office. I had been using for a few months when I had a very unfortunate accident. Due to unknown reasons, I had a toner cartridge explode all over my office, and it painted my wall with The Don on it. I was 100% certain the board was ruined, but to my surprise, it cleaned right up! Not a stain to be seen. Since then, I’ve been a customer for life, and a true believer in Draw It Paint products.

  41. Maggie Lewis

    I ordered this as a gift for my nephew, a beginner artist. The cans of paint arrived along with the dry erase markers undamaged and unmoved, basically no issues at all. Setting the floorboard up, was quite a challenge because I wanted to surprise him. So his mommy had to take him out for ice cream while I painted away and let it dry for a few hours. Cutting to the end of the story, he loved it and has been drawing on it ever since. He is not Picasso but he’s doing more than stick figures and shapes now. Did I mention he was only six years old? He is so talented and I hope I was able to help him by supporting his talents a little bit.

  42. Nico McCann

    Draw It Paint seems to be offering the best whiteboard, well technically dry-erase paints to make your own; but the best whiteboard money can buy. I know it looks pricey but you can order sample kits and see for yourself. We have a few boards around the office with DiP and a few traditional ones and there’s no comparison, this stuff is made to last.

  43. Heather Kaufman

    One of the things I love most about the Limitless dry erase paint is that it really helped my eliminate clutter. I used to have one of those big whiteboards, you know the ones on wheels? I could never hang one up, I’m not that handy, so I had that big brute rolling around. Thanks to Draw It Paint, I can ditch the big rolling board and finally have the perfect whiteboard on my wall. No nails, so mounting, so hassle. Limitless has really been a dream come true for me and my office.

  44. Gillian Rodgers

    Draw It Paint is now my hands down, favorite thing to use in my daily life. I’ve been trying to make it a habit to write on it ever so often. Great durability and surface quality. The texture is fantastic. It is so good that I’ve been caught myself staring and touching the wall I’ve made from time to time. My roommates must think I’m crazy..and I probably am hehe. My medium right now are purely multi-colored draw erase markers that do the job really well. Draw It Paint is good if you want both quality and quantity for your money. Even if you buy it as a snap purchase, its hard to find a use for it that is not a good investment.

  45. Riley Keith

    I absolutely love using my Limitless dry erase board for work. I work in film production and I’m writing on this board constantly. I use it for pitching and presenting for production meetings. Tracking budgets and production dates. It really helps me keep anything and everything organized throughout the entire process. I can’t thank Draw It Paint enough for providing Limitless and an all new peace of mind for myself.

  46. Samuel Velazquez

    I have been a user of Limitless for over 2 years. It is an excellent dry erase paint that I use for teaching. It has been an invaluable tool to me over the last couple years, and I can’t say enough good things about this paint the Draw It Paint has created. I love it for many reasons, the main being it’s easy to clean surface. Gives me the freedom to leave up notes for weeks and then not worry about any sort of ghosting. A truly great option for the classroom.

  47. Memphis Welch

    I really love this stuff. I’ve been using it for years in both a professional and personal capacity, and it has always delivered a very high quality finish. No matter the surface you paint it on, it smooths out perfectly and gives you the ultimate dry erase surface. Draw It Paint’s Limitless is one-of-a-kind and worth every penny you will spend on it. Trust me, and buy Limitless.

  48. Conner Booker

    I am here to tell the tale of the amazing Limitless: The Don white dry-erase paint. I have been using this paint for a year and it’s been totally incredible. I have been using it mainly for drawing, and it’s become my favorite medium for art. The best part is how smooth it is to draw on and how simple it is to clean afterwards. A must-own for any artist.

  49. Kameron Butler

    It is amazing how much space this saves in my apartment. My apartment is pretty small and I didn’t have a lot of money but I desperately needed a whiteboard…so I had to carefully look at choices that would maximize potential space and minimize potential clutter and cost. Draw It Paint is the perfect fit because I don’t need a physical whiteboard now, just the wall and given the potential mileage and use I can get out of it, it is worth the cost. Now I just write my calendar, to-do list, and some dreams and aspirations, all on the same wall in my bedroom. It’s perfect and I’d recommend this to people whom I have a similar predicament to.

  50. Trevon Ferrell

    Bought this for what I feel is an unorthodox use, I wanted the floors to be smooth and shiny clean. It was at this point I found Draw It Paint. When I read up that you could make any surface a whiteboard, I realized I could get 2 birds with one stone by letting my nephews draw on some part of it. So far its been great! The floors are shiny all the time and easy to maintain and the kids love drawing on the clean floors and when they’re done, its so easy to erase!

  51. Gilbert Pope

    Draw It Paint was something I discovered while I was in college. I’ve had some course mates who used this in their rooms to be able to have a big writing space, while saving actual space. And so, years later, post-uni, I’ve bought this for my first apartment for the same purpose. I didn’t know how great this was until I used it. It is dent proof and its amazing finish its so easy to replicate.

  52. Luis Kim

    I’m very pleased with this product. I was browsing around online, thinking about how we could spice up our interior of our new 6-month-old home. Draw It Paint came up and it felt like a good idea to paint 2 walls of our home and treat it as the whiteboard where we could write our house issues and memos. Long story short, we love it. I was very surprised by how well it has been working out. It is durable, clean, smooth and it has been accomplishing all the objectives I’ve set up when I purchased it.
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  53. Luis Kim

    I’m very pleased with this product. I was browsing around online, thinking about how we could spice up our interior of our new 6-month-old home. Draw It Paint came up and it felt like a good idea to paint 2 walls of our home and treat it as the whiteboard where we could write our house issues and memos. Long story short, we love it. I was very surprised by how well it has been working out. It is durable, clean, smooth and it has been accomplishing all the objectives I’ve set up when I purchased it.

  54. Todd Mccormick

    I’ve been using Draw It Paint dry erase paints for a very long time, and I can do nothing but testify on their behalf that it really does stand the test of time! I’ve had The Don up on my wall for almost 7 years, and to this day, it’s as bright and white as the day I painted it on. I really can’t believe just how durable and reliable this stuff truly is. A must-buy!

  55. Ari Graham

    After 3 years with my Limitless dry erase wall, I am happier than ever. This replaced an old chalkboard wall I had in the office, but it was worn down and I hated the dust. This paint gave my office new life and is a million times nicer than a chalkboard. Easy to clean and fun to use!

  56. Anthony York

    I’m a bit more new to the Draw It Paint life, having only been using Limitless for the last three months. However, in that brief time, I’ve already noticed some of the things the long-time reviewers have mentioned. Number one being how easy it is to keep clean! I thought leaving something on for 30 days would be a death sentence, but I test it out in a corner and it wiped off no problem! Talk about quality!

  57. Demarcus Zhang

    I started using Draw It Paint’s Limitless around 2 years ago. I bought it for my workshop and it’s been one of the most reliable tools in the shop over that time. It stays clean with little to no maintenance, doesn’t get damaged by bumps, flying wood chips, or any other debris. It was made for this sort of environment and I can’t praise it enough.

  58. Gillian Larsen

    I believe that quality matters over everything. Sometimes, a deal is nice, but 9 times out of 10, you sacrifice quality for price. I think DiP have found the perfect balance. This may seem pricey, but it’s worth every penny. I’ve been using my Limitless for years, it’s paid for itself tenfold!

  59. Aydin Butler

    Draw It Paint’s The Thinker has saved my melting mind more than once. As someone who works in marketing, having ideas ready to go is a painful process beginning to end and it is important that I remember to write things down when inspiration comes. I solved this problem by installing Draw It Paint walls in my house and in my office! So no more scrambling to grasp an idea with nothing to write on. Believe me, I’ve tried with a phone and the amount of things on it just causes you to get sidetracked sometimes. That’s why I’d say a whiteboard is better in that aspect!

  60. Sirena Shank

    I love using my DiP dry erase board more than life itself. It’s been an amazing experience to have this paint in my life. I’m more productive than ever! Greatly needed for a natural procrastinator like myself LOL. Thank you so much DiP for your awesome dry erase paint!

  61. Araceli Haas

    The Don is the best investment I could have made when starting my business. It has been with me since day one, and 6 years later, it’s still going strong! I use it every day for our meetings, and even with the constant use, it has held up perfectly. I’ve noticed absolutely zero fading or staining. Draw It Paint delivered on all the promises that come with this amazing dry erase paint.

  62. Gisselle Rocha

    These days, people mostly watch netflix, read books, call friends and generally do things within the restraint of their own homes. I try to think outside the box, and by that I mean drawing out of it. I’m practicing my skill of drawing and Draw It Paint is here to lend their assistance. With their wipes being so easy to the point of effortlessness and their surfaces being smooth as a criminal, I am always encouraged to keep trying each day! I started out with blurred caricatures but now I can capture emotions on my faces now! It’s been a month but the improvement and work is noticeable!

  63. Damari Ford

    The Don’s quality speaks for itself. It is an incredibly high quality dry erase paint, delivering on its promises time after time. I’ve been using it for a year, and in that time, I’ve never experienced any staining or any ghosting. If nothing else, this has made it better than any other dry erase paint or board I’ve ever used.

  64. Jose Mckay

    The Don is the only man (paint) for me! I use my dry erase board every single day, and I can’t stress how important it has been for me peace of mind. I can be a neat freak, so in the past, when using a traditional whiteboard, I would lose it at any staining. No longer a worry with my DiP paint!

  65. Cecelia Spencer

    I’m a long time Limitless user. Had this paint up on my wall for going on 5 years. It has been a tremendous experience for me. The quality and finish of the paint have stayed like new after all this time, much use, and numerous cleanings. There’s no signs of stopping this stuff as we roll on through life!

  66. Valentino Bonilla

    I’ve been cleaning out the garage these couple of months. Slow as I may, at least I haven’t given up on it. One of the highlights of it though, is this Draw It Paint whiteboard we bought 2 years back that we’ve actually found and needed again. What surprises me the most is it is easier to clean it than some of the dishes I wash even with its aging. Gave it a wash and it wiped dry erase markings like it was brand new, it was surreal and amazing!

  67. Karla Hall

    The Don, in all his glory, has blessed me with the amazing qualities of the greatest dry erase paint ever created! All other brands pale in comparison! Draw It Paint have the secret formula that Plankton would absolutely try and steal because this stuff is magic! Buy a can of the Don immediately!

  68. Gillian Jacobson

    Draw It Paint’s run has been amazing these past couple of years. I’ve known them for awhile back and I can attest to say, that even before they’ve been a great brand. But what I’m trying to say is that these past years, I’ve seen gain recognition due to word-of-mouth and their modernizing their brand. My whiteboard’s been with me for 4 years and there hasn’t been a day where it felt like it’s performance was slipping. It always feels brand new, their brand and their product, which is good because these are the kind of things that should go hand in hand!

  69. Lesly Hoffman

    The Don has been in my family a generation. It’s done incredible work for us, always making sure we’re taken care of. I can’t thank Draw It Paint enough for bringing The Don into our lives, and helping change things for the better.

  70. Tianna Burch

    Engineering has been a passion for mine for as long as I can remember. It’s the career I’ve always wanted and strive for greatness in it every day. So much of my work involves me designing and mapping up plans for large projects. That’s why I bought Limitless: The Don for my office. It’s given me the largest possible surface for all my number crunching and designing. I know quality engineering, an that’s exactly what you get from a can of Draw It Paint’s Limitless!

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