Recruit: The Thinker Black

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At 100 square feet per unit, Recruit:The Thinker compliments the infinite space of your mind with leading aesthetics and performance in dry erase. It thinks with you, at one with your mind, responds to you instantly.

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Robust, visible, and as responsive as your own mind

The engineers of Draw It Performance set out to create a high-performing dry erase that supports people who work in a constant state of creation. The result is Recruit:The Thinker, a cleaner, brighter sophisticated formula with a contemporary attitude and plenty of opportunities to spark creativity.

The dry erase’s emphasis on performance is readily visible. The glass-like finish, a result of proprietary self-leveling and self-smoothing properties, makes this creative canvas more robust while bringing visible performance to any environment.


Professional grade – for heavy usage in a medium sized business

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever


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100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

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Draw It Performance dry erase paint, specialty rollers, manuals


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62 reviews for Recruit: The Thinker Black

  1. Melody Carson

    I’ve never painted before but Draw It Paint promotes that experience isn’t a requirement so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m not some aspiring prodigy, I’m just someone who wants try their hand in drawing. So far I only have good things to say. It is durable in the sense that you don’t see any permanent blemishes and cracks. Its shiny too, I and don’t say this lightly.

    I’ve made strides in improving my craft. I’m still a casual in drawing but I’ve developed a passion for it. Thank you Draw It Paint for helping me develop myself.

  2. Harold Hernandez

    I put the board I used The Thinker through very heavy usage, so I thought I’d have to replace this eventually at the end of the year. But to my surprise, it looks and feels brand new once I cleaned it up at the end of last month. The fact that the material the paint gives the whiteboard makes it so durable and it is amazing how good it looks all the time. I just bought more paint for more whiteboards for my sister! She loves organizing and she will flip out when she sees it!! A 100% 10/10 would recommend to anybody!

  3. Deon Holder

    I’ve had my board for a year, and have used it probably about 100 days. I work in an office, so not seeing hard labor, but I’m amazed at how new it still looks! Not a dent or scratch to be seen!

  4. Jamie Cervantes

    This is by far my favorite whiteboard paint anyone makes. I held out from buying these for awhile because I didn’t get what the hype was about. Now I totally understand. Make these the first and only whiteboard paint you buy.

  5. Marisa Olsen

    The Thinker Black I used on our play room floor worked like clockwork once finished! It made the floor possible to draw on and easier to clean after! Made my child so happy! Thank you Draw It Paint!

  6. Joy Harris

    I was hesitant due to the price, however I am glad I bought The Thinker! It was a great to have an expert to assist me with the application process. Could not be happier.

  7. Emanuel Arellano

    First off I’ve worn out previous whiteboard after 5 years of constant use. I’ve tried several different brands over the years before settling for one until it broke. This is the point where I turned to Draw It Paint as they’ve been know to have ultra-performance quality products. So far, it has been very good..very easy to clean. Let’s where this goes but I am fairly confident so far!

  8. Jaron Nelson

    I’m now a Draw It Paint customer for life. The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy from them years ago. Slick, smooth, and fantastic.

  9. Pedro Murray

    I didn’t take any pictures of the finished product but I can say it came out really, really well.. and in various settings and room decorations, it can portray so many different vibes to the room. I had no issues with painting it on, I love it as a casual activity you do with your friends. Looking this up was not no problem either, just googled here and there and I came here!

  10. Sidney Kane

    Bought a can a long time ago and the look and feel of the whiteboard is still nice. The smooth surface means there’s no problem erasing any kind of thing drawn or written on it. It’s very good and it is a good testament to the quality of the product they bring to the customer.

  11. Gideon Rios

    I love this paint! We bought it as kind of a fun way to add an interesting space to our home. We draw doodles, leave notes, anything we can think of! It’s so cool and you can’t even tell that it’s a totally different paint than the rest of the living room. Such a cool design and quality product.

  12. Anabel Monroe

    Do yourself a favor and take a look. You will like them. I have noticed essentially zero wear in the areas of heaviest use. It still looks and feels great! Very impressed!

  13. Maliyah Kim

    I bought this less than 2 months ago..never bought one before this..I didn’t need to. I got it for the kids and they love it. Nothing too serious, just good entertainment for all the family. It is great and I’m happy I decided to buy this.

  14. Alanna Pearson

    I like to use a rag to wipe down my whiteboard. It has been washed more times than the actual whiteboard paint has needed a wash. The rag takes care of everything and leaves the board looking sparkling clean. I’m thoroughly impressed with it.

  15. Tara Carroll

    I purchased this paint for my boyfriend and I to use in the living room. We draw silly pictures, leave love notes, reminders for dates/events coming up, lots of things! It’s such an awesome idea to have whiteboard paint and it’s executed masterfully by Draw It Paint.

  16. Cali Barton

    I am a firm believer that you should get what you pay for, and Draw It Paint beyond delivers on that! The paint is so awesome, it’s my favorite thing to write on, even more so than my laptop. It’s so bright and nice looking, I’m a big fan of how it turned out!

  17. Konner Molina

    I find this paint to be pretty cool! My law firm bought this for our conference rooms and it has been great! We’re all big fans of how easy it is to clean and how smooth it feels to write on. Who would have thought a dry erase paint would be so great?

  18. Dale Thomas

    This is quite a unique product that I am enjoying very much. The surface I’ve created using The Thinker (I went with black) has found countless uses for fun and serious time. I can easily recommend trying this to anyone who needs a dry erase board for well… anything!

  19. Sean Bullerby

    Still impressed, I’ve said this I know but wow. The attention to detail in the instructions ordering and opening the box was practically close to none, meaning it had very very direct instructions. I am now a better painter because of this, I have made improvements in my art and in my style and I would like to thank Draw It Paint again for rewarding me for taking a chance on them, and ultimately myself. Thank you for the great product and great service (still dramatic)

  20. Daphne Francis

    I would love to cover my walls in Draw it Paint! I am in love with this whiteboard. It applies easily, like any other paint. I’m guessing you can use it on just about any surface you want (within reason I’m sure). It applies great, my markers work great, it’s effortless to wipe clean. I have been using it at work and at home, love it!

  21. Royce Dodson

    I often find myself sticking notes all over my walls and wanted to finally find a more practical solution. I came across the Draw it Paint website and it looked to be exactly what I needed. I wasn’t even aware such a product existed but it has turned out to be perfect for me. I would also recommend you order some new dry erase pens to go with it. This created a really clean/smooth writing surface. It looks great even when it isn’t in use. I recommend it.

  22. Harley Huynh

    I’m addicted to whiteboards. I find myself constantly making reminders, writing notes, even drawing on it when I’m bored, you get the idea. I started having to order 3-4 of the same board at a time, they would get damaged or stained so easily. They become unusable before too long even just writing and cleaning them as intended. Draw it Paint is solution I didn’t realize I was looking for. The quality of the boards you can create is insane! I assumed I would be needing to repaint it roughly as often as I had to replace my old boards but it’s maintained a pristine look so far. This has been a win-win, it’s probably greener AND it makes for a much better board.

  23. Damien Schultz

    I have been using Draw It Paint’s Recruit in my home for the past year. One of the best home improvements I’ve made in that time. I have a young grandkid who loves to run around and draw on the walls. My daughter has complained about it constantly, so I decided to do some research and see what to do. Now, first is punishment, but I thought a creative outlet was a good second option. I came across Draw It Paint on YouTube and it was like a light bulb went on in my head. I ordered a can immediately and the rest is history. Our walls are now safe, and the little one has a spot to draw if he must! The perfect solution.

  24. Paxton Fischer

    It’s hard to put into words how great Recruit really is. This is one of those products that you have to try for yourself to get a full appreciation of. When people say that it’s smooth, you have no idea how nice it feels with a marker gliding along this surface. Draw It Paint have made something here that is truly ground-breaking, and they have the reviews to back it up! This stuff is the best you’ll find anywhere, and that’s a 100% guarantee from me.

  25. Halle Terry

    I obtained a can of Draw it Paint as a gift (a family member gave me their leftover). I was told I’m a disorganized girl and it would help me out, so I decided to try something with it. We created a whiteboard in my room, found the perfect wall space for it. It has been very helpful, and it looks quite pretty! I think more people should try it for themselves, I’m very happy to be the victim of this coincidence.

  26. Hunter Monroe

    Let’s talk about Recruit. The best paint in the world. I love using dry erase boards, but I definitely am more of a black than white type of person. The fact that Draw It Paint sells both, plus clear, shows they know their market. Definitely high quality when finished, you can tell based on smoothness and shine. It’s really impressive that they’ve managed to take something as simple as a whiteboard and transform it into a whole new level of great!

  27. Kaitlyn Davenport

    This is the stuff dreams are made of. I love drawing on this stuff. It’s so smooth! The markers basically glide and flow along it like a hot knife through butter. I don’t know how it works, I just know that it works very well! Whiteboard paint is my new favorite thing, and I can’t thank Draw It Paint enough for providing us with the coolest paint I’ve ever used! Top quality backed by great customer support. This is the total package to end all total packages.

  28. Diego Davidson

    I’ve managed to deal with it in most areas of my life, but I suffer from pretty bad ADD, I am constantly forgetting little things here and there. I try to stay away from my phone and didn’t want some ugly whiteboard on my wall, so I started looking around for something simple to help me out with reminders, that sort of thing. I was interested right away when I found Draw it Paint. A section of my wall is a huge whiteboard now and it’s helped out a lot. I’ll stop rambling now. Great product from these fellas!

  29. Trace Ramos

    Great canvases isn’t a commodity that is so easily found in the market these days. You have to shuffle through some brands and go about it through trial and error. It’s been a fun and frustrating to find what works and doesn’t for me. When I came across Draw It Paint, I didn’t think twice about it. Just thought it was another brand, but boy was I wrong. DIP can do it all, you can draw on whiteboards, write memos, erase it, clean it and all that. It does everything well, and because of it’s impeccable dentproof durability and shiny white sleekness, my journey has ended.

  30. Jamiya Washington

    I feel like every day I get to use my dry erase board from Draw It Paint, it’s another day in the sun! I love this stuff! Recruit: The Thinker is a whiteboard paint unlike any other. It’s revolutionary. I love to write, draw, and wipe this board clean! It’s so smooth and so satisfying! I’m here to stay and I’ll try to rope in as many people as I can to join the DIP Squad!

  31. Kaylin Reed

    ✔ Great and consistent finish
    ✔ Crazy reproducibility and potential
    ✔ Useful in any office or home space
    ✔ A customer service

    I can only list so many tangible positives with going with Draw It Paint for my whiteboard needs. It has been such a great experience from the first moment of inquiry up to now, using the product. They’ve made a system and product that’s set up to succeed! They clearly believe in their paint and you can hear it clearly through their customer service representatives. I’ve been using it like basic B in the office and at home, but even I see the possible things I can do with it if I play around a little bit!

  32. Jennell Nava

    Living in a small apartment and trying to jumpstart your life after a string of stupid choices when I was a bit young, it’s difficult. The consequences of my actions have echoed through the last 2 decades and are still felt today. Moping aside, this whiteboard from Draw It Paint…the Recruit I believe, is very multi-functional. I use it as a study board, a dream board, a memo board, an organizing board, scheduling board…I could go on. It’s very strong and white and I am so happy that I lucked out on it. Because, back before I bought it I didn’t know how good good was for it.

  33. Jodi Stokes

    I’m going to keep it short. Draw It Paint is a product I bought for my work. It’s straightforward, I just wanted a whiteboard. My surprise came in when I realized I could do away with the board at home and just paint a wall. So it worked out as well. The paint can be used for ANY surface and it creates such a smooth finish, you feel like it’s meant to be painted that way. Durable and shiny. 10/10

  34. Miranda Shaffer

    Recruit: The Thinker is a paint like no other. I’ve tried lots of different brands of dry erase paint, and they all fade and wear away after a few months. Recruit has been going strong for over a year. The quality speaks for itself. I’ll be using this stuff for the rest of my life, then my kids will inherit it, followed by their kids, the kids that come after that. This paint will last a lifetime and more with out losing a single shred of smoothness or cleanliness.

  35. Susan Kane

    I moved out of my parents’ house recently, and I took this Draw It Paint whiteboard with me. My parents bought this for me 2 years ago, and I’ve actually gotten used to how useful this is. It’s amazing how smooth and durable this whiteboard is, and now that I’d left to dorm for college, I realize how essential it is and it will be to me. So while I know nothing about whiteboards, I know that is one is good and I’m happy to be using it.

  36. Lucas Wilkins

    I love Draw It Paint and they enable me and thousands other people do so many things. The ideology of a whiteboard unlocking your potential is something I can relate to on a spiritual level. Super slick and smooth, providing the perfect work surface. I would highly recommend looking into Draw It Paint so you can make a one time purchase the will last for years!

  37. Isabella Pena

    I purchased a whiteboard for general use and it turned out to be very useful in general (heh). The issue was it got real dirty and I had to throw it out and get a new one after a month, if not less. I was really enjoying having a whiteboard but didn’t want to keep replacing it and I found Draw it Pain to be the perfect solution. I have plenty left over if this thing ever needs to be re-done, but it’s looking like that might not be necessary for a very long time.

  38. Rafael Roth

    There’s something truly refreshing and revolutionary about a dry erase board that’s black! I find that white markers look so good on one of these surfaces. Way better than a black marker on a whiteboard. Plus, it’s a dream to maintain. The last thing i wanted to do was have to buy some sort of chemical cleaner just to wipe down, but that’s definitely not going to be an issue with Draw It Paint’s Recruit! Super smooth and super satisfying!!

  39. Audrina Moyer

    This Draw It Paint whiteboard is amazing. For starters, you can wipe food stuff off it with no problem! For context, I have it in the kitchen while I learn to cook. I write the recipes on it, and adjust it according to scale and preference. So naturally, things like oil, sauce, meat, etc. get on the board…part of the process of course. But it is crazy how easy it is to clean, how it’s like nothing. Even I dragged this through the mud, I think it would still look brand new after a wash or something. It’s durability is definitely something worth advertising. It is unmatched so far.

  40. Kaden Higgins

    This is a truly beautiful paint. It’s got what the French call a certain “I don’t know what.” It’s got the key ingredient to transform your drab, boring, ugly walls into a thing of joy, brightness, and beauty! Draw It Paint have masterfully crafted a dry erase paint that truly spits in the faces of the Gods, mocking them, for this is divine creation like we’ve never seen before. I love Recruit, and will be using it until I draw my final breath.

  41. Justine Norris

    The thing I like most about using the black version of the paint is it gives you the appearance of a chalkboard, but eliminates the worst part of a chalkboard: the dusty mess! I also really hate the sound/feel of an eraser on a chalkboard. Makes my skin crawl! None of that mes comes with a can of Recruit. Instead, you get a clean, smooth dry erase surface, that lets you glide markers in peace. The much better option and Draw It Paint is the best there is.

  42. Nathalia Waters

    Recruit is the best paint-on dry erase board I have ever used. In fact, I believe it is the best dry erase board, period. I’ve used many in my day and find that Draw It Paint offers the only option that will stand up to tough use and stay clean for a long time. I accidentally rammed the corner of my desk into the wall and it didn’t even chip! Seriously tough. I recommend looking into Draw It Paint’s line of paints and if you’re smart, you’ll buy!

  43. Felix Mays

    It’s amazing how easy it is to make a big, pricey decision that is well planned and well justified in the end. Buying DIP was a long term plan. My relatives and I live quite close to each other, may around 30km. I find it near at least. They’ve used the whiteboard at family gatherings, where its for a seminar they’ve came up with, or solving an argument, or playing games during game night. We’ve used it for a lot and what I can say is that, it doesn’t change in anyway no matter how used it is, it continues to be strong and shine.

  44. Malcolm Becker

    I liked that The Hero I ordered came in the mail looking so professional and sharp when the cans came in through the mail. I use it to make my own sketches or drawings using dry erase markers for my family pictures or group photos with friends, with the general idea of being “artistic” whilst saving money. Surprisingly, I’d rather now keep this instead to moving to another medium of art. The price of this product along with the top quality it gives you, not to mention the limitless possibilities it provides, makes this product from Draw It Paint A MUST BUY for anyone.

  45. Gwendolyn Velasquez

    As a long time user of Recruit, and the Draw It Paint brand, I have to say that they are one of the best companies you could buy from. They over-promise and over-deliver, the perfect combination for any product. The best part is they are super helpful on the customer support end of things. Really fantastic from top to bottom and I can’t recommend buying from Draw It Paint enough.

  46. Francisco Mccann

    These are probably my favorite art materials I’ve ever bought! I made the whiteboard pretty big, but still small enough to put in the back of the car or truck! I write quotes, observations and ideas I remember at least once a day. With regards to dry erase markers, I’m already on my 3rd one as I write a lot and have been using Draw It Paint for more than half a year now. Aside from writing on it, I think my favorite part of these is that I can draw on the paint-on board because it doesn’t have the typical finish of a normal whiteboard.

  47. Jaidyn Hendricks

    I bought a can of Draw it Paint for my niece to use in her bedroom and it has worked out very well. I think it’s a really fun upgrade for kids and is very useful for learning and keeping busy. Just make sure you get plenty of dry-erase markers to go with it, you don’t want them to start drawing with crayons!

  48. Orion Bonilla

    I believe it’s been about 2 years or so since I started using Recruit in my home office. It’s been a great ride so far! I really enjoy using it for all of my work. The surface is nice and smooth, so writing feels really nice on it. Plus, it stays clean 100% of the time, so it’s the perfect version of a dry erase board! I’ll continue buying from Draw It Paint for years to come and will absolutely recommend them to everybody.

  49. Deven Pittman

    I’ve been a happy camper with my Recruit dry erase board. It’s really awesome stuff, and looks so cool in black! Getting to use silver markers is definitely a big bonus for me. I love how smooth the paint feels to draw on, and I rest easy knowing I don’t have to worry about the board staining. The total package thanks to Draw It Paint!

  50. Addisyn White

    Having a Recruit dry erase surface in my kitchen has changed the game for my baking. I can now plan out my recipes on a large surface so I’m not staring down at a tiny book or cue card. I feel like I have better work flow and I’m much more organized thanks to this great paint from Draw It!

  51. Sydney Huffman

    I’m pretty sure Draw It Paint is one of, if not the best whiteboard paint company out there. Seeing the befores and afters, their paint really stands the test of time. It does not ghost, it does not fade. It remains as white and shiny as the day you bought it. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and I’ve incorporated it in my life in any way possible, it’s just so fun to use. They have the best customer service too. I call from time to time as I order it as gifts to my friends who are buying or moving into new homes!

  52. Jayla Weber

    The Thinker Black, a new take on the dry erase paint, a diversion from the usual white of the world. I believe this paint has added an extra flare to having a dry erase board. Whether you’re a professional or not, black fits with almost everything. It’s unconventional, but in a good way. 5 stars.

  53. Siena Hampton

    Just about to hit my two year anniversary of using DiP’s Recruit in my home office. What an absolute treat it has been to have this dry erase paint in my life. My workflow is better than it has ever been, giving me the ability to plot out my work plans and schedules, managing deadlines, and never having to worry about notes staining the board. Really the total package.

  54. Laila Matthews

    This paint is the stuff of legends. Absolute certified beauticians constructed this paint using the nectar of the Gods to transform black paint into dry erase magic. I use this glorious dry erase surface everyday, and not a single moment goes by where I don’t feel blessed to have it in my life.

  55. Brielle Herman

    I bought this paint on the suggestion of my coworker. I could kiss that guy for this! What a joy it is to use Recruit every single day. The best dry erase board I’ve ever had in my life. The quality more than speaks for itself. It’s so easy to maintain and writing on it is smooth as ice. DiP have done something great with this paint.

  56. D’Angelo Thompson

    More than anything, I’ve found Draw It Paint’s The Thinker extremely useful in a multitude of situations. It’s easy to paint on, just follow the steps. Once it’s ready to use you can write and draw to your heart’s content and it will easily erase later in the day or even a week. Recently it’s use has been in putting random easter eggs on the board for my relatives to discover in our zoom meetings. It has generated lots of laughs and they now actively look forward to it! It’s a great whiteboard that has looked brand new consistently everyday since we’ve bought it!

  57. Sandra Lewis

    Living with my siblings, it tends to get pretty rough without supervisor. Yes, we are all in our twenties, working, generally mature adults…but it is regardless a new experience and bad habits tend to rub each other the wrong way. This is when I bought a whiteboard to write down all disputes, inconveniences, annoyances; so that they can be acknowledged, everyone can be heard, and it can be resolved. It has somewhat worked, and even if we are all imperfect in different ways, the whiteboard has actually helped by having another way of communication that isn’t (for the most part) passive-aggressive!

  58. Victoria Newton

    I have to thank Draw It Paint so much for their awesome Recruit dry erase paint. It’s been my biggest weapon in fighting my hectic schedule and helping me generate a lot more free time. Now I can finally sit down and figure out who really shot Mr. Burns, because yeah right, there’s no way a baby shot him.

  59. Jaylah Hardy

    As a new mother with a career that’s starting to really take off, I’m finding my time is heavily spoken for, and keeping my wits about me can be a real challenge. That’s why I bought Recruit to help me sty organized. It gave me the ability to keep my entire life tracked and scheduled, allowing me the freedom to breath and know how my day is set. Draw It Paint have truly saved my bacon with Recruit.

  60. Felix Whitaker

    Love how Draw It Paint is able to reach me wherever I am in North America. I needed 2 cans delivered to my parents all the way in the east coast and it was no problem for them because they have branches everywhere! They were very meticulous too in tracking so I was very satisfied! I already have one from last year and I am impressed by it which is why I bought one for my parents as well!

  61. Reyna Perez

    For all my fellow educators out there: dry erase boards are 1000x better than chalkboards. We all know it, but getting a board that’s a decent size can get pricey, especially when they start to stain. That’s why I highly recommend Draw It Paint and their Recruit paint. It’s everything you need for the right price!

  62. Kieran Wall

    Based on my experience so far, I’m guessing you can use the Recruit dry erase paint on just about any surface you want (within reason I’m sure). It applies great, my markers work great, and it’s effortless to wipe clean. All three of these things help ease my stress and I’m 10x more productive as a result!

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