Recruit: The Thinker Clear

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At 100 square feet per unit, Recruit:The Thinker compliments the infinite space of your mind with leading aesthetics and performance in dry erase. It thinks with you, at one with your mind, responds to you instantly.

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Robust, visible, and as responsive as your own mind

The engineers of Draw It Performance set out to create a high-performing dry erase that supports people who work in a constant state of creation. The result is Recruit:The Thinker, a cleaner, brighter sophisticated formula with a contemporary attitude and plenty of opportunities to spark creativity.

The dry erase’s emphasis on performance is readily visible. The glass-like finish, a result of proprietary self-leveling and self-smoothing properties, makes this creative canvas more robust while bringing visible performance to any environment.


Professional grade – for heavy usage in a medium sized business

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever


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100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

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63 reviews for Recruit: The Thinker Clear

  1. Darren Jennings

    I really got into Draw It Paint after browsing their website. Their paint has so many flexible features other companies do not even mention or care to expound on. It makes me more assured that I’m making the right choice. I am happy that I ordered The Thinker Clear for my dry erase wall and it has provided more than satisfactory performance for me! It has such a unique consistency to it, adds a shine to the room. The process of ordering to the moment I applied it onto the wall was an overall straightforward!

  2. Justin Cook

    Just thought I would pop in and quickly review my The Thinker experience with Draw It Paint. Over the past years, I have heavily relied on the whiteboards my family and I painted together as a means of communication. It’s been difficult for me, being unable to move around so I generally have used and abused this board to say what I want and need for people to help me out with. Whether you take care of the board or not, I believe it is going to perform just as good in 10 years as it does now. Its consistency is crazy and it is nice to have some semblance of it in the up-and-down Ferris wheel-esque experience my life is right now.

  3. Kelley Stewart

    Durable, stunning, and smooth. These paints are something I have invested in. I am very happy with the Draw It Paint Service and strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great whiteboard paint.

  4. Quintin Dickson

    Would recommend this paint to others in a heartbeat. The clear look is great on almost any surface. If I were to be asked what I like about this paint is: it’s design and quality are worth the money.

  5. Phoenix McMillan

    Really good paint that I now use the wall I painted everyday to write the family schedules. Lots of dry erase marks that look dirty but surprisingly easy to clean. This has lasted me the better part of this year now and I’m so far very content with what I’m able to do with it.

  6. Dylan Gibbs

    The only maintenance I’ve done is the occasional water wipe down. Normally, these types of paints don’t even last a year for me. This stuff is magic. Great customer service, quality product, count me satisfied!

  7. Mariela Pena

    Bought The Thinker Clear because it had the look I wanted for what I wanted to use it for. I had it used for our garage as the walls there looked so dull. Now they have more shine to them, and reflect well when the car enters it, lighting up the whole room. It is slick and it made the walls firmer and more scratch proof so that is a bonus.

  8. Selena M

    This product help my son to open up about his feelings regarding us moving houses. He’s still young and it has been difficult for him, his surroundings changing so drastically. Somehow the whiteboard’s smooth finish helps in being comfortable with regards to writing on it!

  9. Luciano Rowland

    You pay for and get great quality with these paints, and knowing they are being made by the pros at Draw It Paint makes them even better! Thanks to all of you at Draw It Paint who made these!

  10. Lori Lindsey

    Love the paint of Draw It Paint! I’ve never had to replace it and I only realized it 1 year later. I used it for my science investigatory project back in high school and completely forgot about it every since. My sister keeps using it now I learnt too, and she said it does not feel like the whiteboard paint ages. Very durable and brand new, always.

  11. Lena Gray

    Amazing how good it is even when you use it constantly. It does not get old, literally. I will always be shocked how much drawings it can take and how easy it can be erased.

  12. Esmeralda Sheppard

    I want to begin by saying that I have been very interested in owning Draw It Paint cans and using them in my home. I heard about this brand through their Draw It Paint youtube Expert Series and I thought that I would give it a shot. After all, these are credible, decent people who believe in the product. One of the videos touched me in a way and I wanted to give back.

  13. Gianni Moran

    This paint, she is magnificent! I use The Thinker in my shop and my staff loves it. We can leave notes, time off requests, jokes, anything! The paint really improved work morale!

  14. Tiara Beck

    Got these for work. I work indoors and needed a reliable wall that I could write on, while lasting for at least 2 years or when I get my promotion. I work 10 hours days and the wall I had my staff set up for me worked well. After about a year, which i remembered cause it was the anniversary of an important event for me, I saw how little the paint on the wall has changed, or saw the lack of change rather. It still looks brand new and I was very surprised with this product.

  15. Jessica Kemp

    My son really wanted to paint and draw but we thought that they were a waste of money and time and talents and mental energy but I him a chance cause he is really passionate about them and bought a few cans for him as a surprise and he was so happy about it! He has wanted them for a while now and these are really good quality!! Uses it at least twice a day.

  16. Zain Pugh

    Clear whiteboard paint is a genius idea. I used this in my office so I can write out promotional ideas for my firm. We used it on a white wall and it still looks like a white wall. Pretty neat stuff. It’s fairly tough, too. Not that we’re bumping into, but it gets used/cleaned a dozen times a day and holds up strong!

  17. Marc Reed

    Awesome concept and execution here. Never would have thought a whiteboard paint would be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Super easy to paint on, writing and cleaning on it are beyond excellent, and the customer support is second to none. Recommended to everyone!

  18. Kolby Holden

    I got this to create a board for use in my kitchen. I use it to write down stocks of what I have and the use-by dates on the packages. I also use it to write down things I need and other assorted reminders. It’s a smaller board and I was thinking I would have plenty left over to resurface it as needed… hasn’t come up yet, still good as new. So glad I found Draw it Paint!

  19. Peters Sharon

    I’m an average middle class working man and I live in an apartment with some of my friends. Deciding to put a whiteboard in the middle of the room has been the greatest decision I’ve made working with this company. Its done everything we’ve needed and more, we are thankful about it. We’ve had people who’ve copied our layout and has attributed their success to me. Thank you Draw It Paint.

  20. Julissa Fritz

    I stumbled upon Draw It Paint before while looking for a suitable whiteboard for my team at work. I found this online and I instantly ordered it and used it, and I must say it has done wonders for my success with my team. My team is very opinionated and revisions are not a new sight! The ideas come so naturally and the cleanliness of the whiteboard really comes into play.

  21. Giada Ewing

    The thinker was perfect to create a surface for my home office. I used the Draw it Paint right on my wall to be able to take notes and set goals, it applied smoothly and easily. For the price, I couldn’t be happier. This is exactly what I needed, and expos write perfectly on it. I recommend also picking up a small pen holder if you plan on applying directly on the wall as I did.

  22. Tobias Kane

    This stuff is working great so far! I haven’t had a single ghost print since I started using it. For the price, I can’t imagine there’s a higher quality whiteboard solution. You have to work with it a bit, but if you’ve ever painted anything in your house you will be fine. Mine went on flawlessly, very impressed with Draw it Paint. For best results, you should only use a smooth surface. I know that sounds obvious, but I learned the hard way…

  23. Kailyn Huerta

    None of my local retailers seemed to have a whiteboard large enough to meet my needs, so I did some googling and found Draw it Paint online. I wanted roughly an entire wall in my office for notes, reminders and doodles. It’s really cool to be able to paint your own whiteboard! It feels like way better quality than other boards I’ve used, and I can get the exact fit for my space, not “best fit”. Try it out, it’s a very fun and useful product!

  24. Joselyn Blankenship

    It’s crazy how self-awareness can lead to great things. It is why we must constantly be reflecting and reminding ourselves that things happen in a certain context all the time. That being said, I am so, so grateful for Draw It Paint, for giving me, and my daughter something to bond over, that is fun, and educational as well. It has saved me so much money as it is a whiteboard you can use over and over, no matter how messy it gets. One time Cassie even stepped on the whiteboard, but amazingly there was no dent on it! It’s a good product, truly; and I have a certain personal attachment to it.

  25. Ashton Dodson

    There are, so far, no cons to using this paint-on whiteboard. It smooths itself, no sanding required, it cleans like a dream, and it’s built tough! I write on mine every day, and it doesn’t show even a hint of fading or wearing away. That’s what I call quality. Anyone would be just as happy as me to buy from Draw It Paint, no matter how big or small a project you want to make with it. This stuff is the real deal and a must-buy!

  26. Hudson Wise

    Have you ever had a shower thought, but then realized you have no way to capture that shower thought because you’re in the shower and there’s no where to write it down? Enter: Recruit. So, I bought this stuff mainly for work, but it’s so cool, I decided to experiment with it and I paint my shower wall. Hilarious decision, but surprisingly fun. I can doodle, make notes, whatever, and it’s good to go. I painted it high enough t avoid any direct water blast, because it will definitely wash away, no problem. This stuff is too good.

  27. Kaleigh Santana

    In my line of office work, I’ve come across few office supplies that are quite as high quality and versatile as Recruit from Draw It Paint. We use this stuff all the time. We use glass boards, primarily, but this stuff is the perfect alternative and the perfect repair tool. If a board gets scratched and damaged, this paint can fix it and make it twice as durable. It’s really amazing stuff that will definitely save your bacon in the long run!

  28. Rodrigo Benton

    Honestly, I just thought Draw it Paint looked like a cool idea, I didn’t really need a whiteboard… Turns out, it really is cool. The simplest thing was to just apply it right onto my wall, my girlfriend painted a nice little frame around it afterwards. This stuff rocks, I love to mess around with it, draw pictures or take notes; it makes me feel like a kid again! If you’re the professional type this is definitely the way to go, even an artsy goof like me can appreciate the quality. It still looks as new as the day I painted it, it’s quite aesthetically pleasing just on its own. Really impressive stuff.

  29. Tristin Werner

    To put it as simply as I can, Draw it Paint is the best whiteboard product I’ve ever used. I’ve been a substitute, and now a full-time, teacher for 20 years now and have used and seen countless boards in my time. The board I created for my home room with Draw it Paint is astounding. It’s really a big deal that it wipes clean so easily, considering how many times I have to do that in a day. I wish this stuff was standard in classrooms.

  30. Kareem Olson

    There once was a man from Salt Lake, who was sick of whiteboards that would break. So he bought Draw It Paint, they proved be saints, and now there’s no longer headaches. I love using my whiteboard thanks to Draw It Paint. Easily the best option in terms of whiteboard paint, or even regular whiteboards. Really helped me out and can’t wait to tell the world!

  31. Gordon Peterson

    If you’ve ever tried writing on a Draw It Paint board, you know for a fact that you can never go back to using standard stuff. This paint is the bomb! I love Recruit, a real game changer. The fact that it came in clear was also really awesome! I have a blue wall in my office that I painted this on, and knowing I didn’t have to sacrifice that color was a big plus for me. It’s been so much fun to use and everyone in my office is probably sick of me hyping it up, but totally worth it!

  32. Marlene Gross

    On this glorious Monday, we take the time to reflect on the true beauty that is Recruit. Draw It Paint have created an absolutely stunning can of paint, capable to handle all of your writing, drawing, and cleaning needs. It’s the best of the best. I could use this stuff all day and never get bored of how smooth it is to write on! Truly impressive and the next big thing in office supplies. Every boardroom in the country is gonna have Draw It Paint before you know it.

  33. Troy Beasley

    Top notch stuff coming from Draw It Paint. A whiteboard paint like no other, I have been immensely happy since I started using the Thinker. It’s awesome! My biggest gripe was always with cleaning whiteboards. I’m kind of a lazy guy, and if it takes a bunch of extra effort just to wipe the thing off, I’m out. Draw It Paint have solved that for me and I couldn’t be happier!

  34. Phillip Wilcox

    It’s amazing how good this paint is, down to the most minuscule of tasks! I needed it to make flashcards for my nephew. He’s studying the multiplication table now and I had some leftover paint from the big whiteboard I made for my house. To talk about that a bit, it was really good, durable and sleek, great stuff and I expect nothing less from Draw It Paint. The flashcards however got me surprised, because frankly, I did not expect them to finish that nicely and work. So now I can write questions on the cards, and he can get studied on it. It’s great!

  35. Sidney Cummings

    Finally! I dry erase solution that actually works for me. My office has a window that is almost ALWAYS in direct sunlight. As a result, I’ve had old whiteboards fade away in months. I HATE IT! When I found Draw It Paint, and saw their paints were UV-protected, I bought Recruit immediately! Now here we are, 8 months later, and it still looks great! There’s no fading or yellowing of the paint, and it’s as smooth to write on as ever. Finally, I am happy with the state of my office.

  36. Byron Gilmore

    Draw it Paint has been my secret weapon in countless meetings and presentations at this point. My office has a large wall space board and I was able to create a more portable surface with 1 can. I keep telling clients, you have to pay a little extra for quality, hopefully when products like Draw it Paint become the norm we can stop throwing away countless dirty old whiteboards… It’s really just bad for the environment, and they’re such inferior products. Save yourself from this lose-lose scenario!

  37. Jacquelyne Markham

    Loving my whiteboard in my dorm room now. After my first year in college, I goaled to be more responsible and my parents bought me this whiteboard upon my request. It’s sleek and white and it erases so easy. I use it for all my classes. My dad painted it and the finish it has so smooth it was usable almost immediately. Happy to have it, thank you parents! Draw It Paint is a good brand!

  38. Holly Cameron

    I already knew what I was getting into when I bought Draw It Paint’s The Hero. But what I was not ready for was the professional customer service they provided when I placed an order. The woman on the other line really tried her best to remember my name and all the details I mentioned so that the call would progress smoothly, without any hiccups. That aside, the product itself is very good because when it says it can clean any marks, it really can. It leaves no trace and if you take care of it, it will feel brand new for years to come.

  39. Charlee Hogan

    It’s been a year…This Draw It Paint whiteboard has taken over my life. I’ve made one of the greatest chance decisions I’ve made in recent memory of bringing it to work. All I can say is that the passionate love I feel for this whiteboard emanated in the office and my peers recognized how special it is as well. Game recognizes game. It’s smoothness and astounding reusability drives me nuts. I present using it and at the end, I always get one “ooh” or “ahh” when I erase and no trace of markings are left!

  40. Cordell Olson

    Professional decorating can be a huge pain sometimes. I feel like at any given moment, I could have a million things going on it once, so clear organization is key for me. I use Draw It Paint’s Thinker for my home office and it is a life saver! I use it every day for things like follow-up calls, material lists, deadlines, etc! It’s helped transform my workspace into something much more free and clean. Plus, take it from me, this stuff looks great in any room! It blends in like you wouldn’t believe. Just buy some, and see for yourself!

  41. Allyson Leon

    We bought The Thinker from Draw It Paint to use in our therapy clinic and it has been awesome! It’s got a lot of great things about it, like how easy it is to clean and all that, but for us, it’s about the therapy aspect. When some folks suffer bad head trauma, they can lose a good deal of their motor functions. In some of those cases, you have to re-learn how to write. We’ve been using our dry erase boards for just this. It provides a larger surface, so the patient doesn’t have to focus on writing on a small piece of paper. They can let it flow and adventure with how they write. Draw It Paint has been a true difference maker for us.

  42. Elaina Porter

    I tell ya, this is what you call a whiteboard. I’ve used this whiteboard everyday through two years. It holds up really well, rain or shine and you only need to clean it up and it looks brand new immediately. Transporting it around, it shows no signs of bending or stress in its edges and corners. Durability is top notch is what I’m getting at, I love using this thing. The right tools makes any job easier, and that’s what you get with DrawIt Paint.

  43. Keon Reymond

    After a bit of mucking about I got in touch with customer service and they were really great. They stayed on the phone for what must have been an hour while I did my first application and it worked out perfectly. I’m a bit of a dud when it comes to anything even remotely related to home improvement but my board is looking good and I really have to compliment DrawItPaint on their service.

  44. Thomas Patterson

    In the last few year, my dad’s memory has really been fading. The type where he loses his glasses but they’re on his head. We wanted a tool to help him keep track of things, so when I saw a review for Draw It Paint with a similar story, I jumped at the opportunity and bought a can of Recruit. Now, his memory isn’t perfect, but dad has been much better with things ever since he started using his DIP board to keep notes. It’s a noticeable improvement and that’s given us all some peace of mind.

  45. Camilla Clements

    I am not a professional painter, drawer, or artist. I’m barely professional anything, but I do have my own projects on the side, with people I work with. I may not have the creativity, but I have the mind and passion for it. I’ve always ordered these cans from Draw It Paint because 1) the value for both of them along with the quality is perfect, 2) my partners use it really, really well, to the point of my envy (even my kid does a better job than me) and more importantly 3) I want to prove that the artistic nature, is a skill or personality trait that can be developed. It is strong, sleek and clean. Easy to use, easy to wipe.

  46. Kaiden Mcdonald

    Draw it Paint is the best whiteboard product I’ve ever used. I use Draw It Paint’s Thinker for my home office and it is a life saver! I use it every day for things like follow-up calls, meeting notes, appointments, etc! Working from home has been a big twist, but Draw It Paint and their Recruit dry erase paint have made it a smooth transition.

  47. Megan Sandoval

    I’ve got Recruit in my home office, have for about a year now, and it’s the best! I went with the clear option because I already had white walls and thought it would blend in perfectly. I was right. It looks great and feels great to write on. I feel twice as productive thanks to my DiP dry erase board!

  48. Nylah Oliver

    The world of design can be a tricky beast. You go through so many concept ideas, and end up wasting paper like it’s your day job. That’s why I bought Recruit. It gives me the ultimate re-usable design surface. I can make all of my early/preliminary sketches done on the board, and know it’ll wipe clean no matter how long I leave it up before modelling it digitally. DiP have really nailed it with Recruit.

  49. Kianna Daugherty

    I don’t usually comment on such mundane household items, this whiteboard included…but it’s use has really been called on by each member of my household. We all find ourselves happy and grateful to have such an item in our home. From scribbles to straight up paragraphs of text it can do it all. Coupled with the generally good penmanship, the sleekness of the surface as well as its smooth finish makes for really beautiful drawing and writing. I see myself using this even well after the quarantine. I’m sure my family members will agree with this sentiment as well.

  50. Dante Stephens

    As a connoisseur for dry erase surfaces, Draw It Paint treats their product with so much love and respect. You have to give it to their craft. And how they treat their customers, don’t get me started. They make you feel so special with their accommodation and patience, it feels so heartwarming. Just good vibes all around. And so, when it came down to buying their product, I had no more doubts or questions, I had full trust and faith with them. And it was warrranted.

  51. Jaliyah Donovan

    At this rate, I’m pretty sure this Recruit paint is going to survive an atomic blast. I mean, I use this thing every day, and have had kids mark it up with non-dry erase markers and other items, and yet, it still stands strong, undented, unstained, and as good as new. This is a miracle paint and the best thing I’ve ever owned.

  52. Dillan Page

    Recruit has delivered on all of its advertised qualities. Ant-staining, anti-ghosting, dent proof, UV-proof, it does it all! Almost two years of using it has led to an extensive observation of quality and at this point, it’s a 10/10 perfection. Love this paint and Draw It Paint for delivering quality.

  53. Taylor Banks

    I’ve been well researched with whiteboards, and I bought this as a long term asset to have in my house. This was 3 years ago, but recently its been giving back so much through the book club we started in my family. My parents and siblings would try to read a book, then pick a family member to recommend it too. Its educational and its good for bonding! Normally, I’d use this whiteboard to write down relevant news for my company as part of work. These days, its for recreation. Just happy after all this time, only now I realize that this whiteboard is so great that it can do both.

  54. Jaylin Wood

    If you’re looking for something in the dry erase realm beyond the standard white, this clear Recruit is the perfect option. It paints easily onto any surface and any existing colour of paint in your house. I find this one adds extra flexibility since it won’t create entirely different coloured surface. A brilliant design by Draw It Paint and a must-own in my books.

  55. Aiden Tyler

    Lockdown post here! I’ve actually purchased this back in January, but it only became really useful for me these couple of months now that we are (were for other places) in lockdown. I find it really useful to write stuff and think about things when struck with boredom OR inspiration. We had our own battleship the other day and it was really fun. We also had a goal setting session last February and that was really productive as well!

  56. Mackenzie Carey

    If you’re in the hunt for a dry erase board, I think you’d be making a big mistake to look anywhere other than Draw It Paint. The Recruit paint is the perfect answer to a dry erase board. You’ll get to customize the size of the board and know that this paint won’t ghost and stain like one of the generic boards will. This is the only option!

  57. Marco George

    I use Recruit for work in my metal shop. We plan things on it, design builds, and keep track of materials. It’s our ultimate shop tool that isn’t a literal tool. I love this stuff more than life itself, and I think Draw It Paint have made a can of magic with their dry erase paint.

  58. Omar Patterson

    This review is to let Draw It Paint know they’ve hit themselves an out-of-the-park Grand Slam with the Recruit paint. I mean, this stuff is a real winning formula for the happiest customer ever. Buy some for yourself and the paint will wash all of your troubles away! No stains, no fades, just bliss!

  59. Kayden Hansen

    Between working full time and raising my son, I’ve got a lot on my plate. That’s why I bought Recruit to help me keep things in check! I wanted the clear version because we already have white walls, so this stuff blends right in! It works on any surface and will give you the perfect dry erase board!

  60. Prince Gordon

    Working from home is now infinitely easier with Draw It Paint’s The Thinker on my office wall! People in my meetings love talking about it and love pointing it out! It’s extremely fun and it is one of my icebreakers or talking points as it never fails to get a gasp of amazement or a chuckle of surprise. It’s been useful for taking down minutes or key points of discussion during meetings and it has made me look professional and assertive!

  61. Eric Stout

    As a stay at home dad with two kids, life gets crazy. With school, sports, programs, etc. these kiddos go non-stop. It can be difficult to track it all, but I never fear with my Recruit clear. It’s been my organizer for the last year and saved my butt time after time. We never miss anything and it’s all thanks Draw It Paint!

  62. Miranda Jennings

    Love this paint and Draw It Paint for delivering quality. It is strong, sleek and clean. Easy to use, easy to wipe. Just good vibes all around. And so, when it came down to buying their product, I have no doubts that this is the best dry erase paint on the market.

  63. Karson Friedman

    Getting this product right before things got difficult was such a buzzer beater moment from me! I’ve meaning to buy something that can help me with my personal weakness of physical tracking information on the go in my home! Cause even with the digital notepads and whatnot, you still lose it in the clusterf which is your smartphone. I think this choice was what ultimately led me to buy a whiteboard that turned out to be extremely valuable! It erases anything likes its nothing and yet you could leave writings on it for weeks and it will still erase!

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