Recruit: The Thinker White

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At 100 square feet per unit, Recruit:The Thinker compliments the infinite space of your mind with leading aesthetics and performance in dry erase. It thinks with you, at one with your mind, responds to you instantly.

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Robust, visible, and as responsive as your own mind

The engineers of Draw It Performance set out to create a high-performing dry erase that supports people who work in a constant state of creation. The result is Recruit:The Thinker, a cleaner, brighter sophisticated formula with a contemporary attitude and plenty of opportunities to spark creativity.

The dry-erase’s emphasis on performance is readily visible. The glass-like finish, a result of proprietary self-leveling and self-smoothing properties, makes this creative canvas more robust while bringing visible performance to any environment.


Professional grade – for heavy usage in a medium sized business

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever


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100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

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74 reviews for Recruit: The Thinker White

  1. Floyd Lena

    I’ve used this whiteboard everyday through two years. It holds up really well, rain or shine and you only need to clean it up and it looks brand new immediately. Transporting it around, it shows no signs of bending or stress in its edges and corners.


  2. Floyd Lena

    I’ve used this whiteboard everyday through two years. It holds up really well, rain or shine and you only need to clean it up and it looks brand new immediately. Transporting it around, it shows no signs of bending or stress in its edges and corners.


  3. Lorenzo Black

    I am obsessed with this product!. I read lots of reviews to help make my decision, and I’m so glad I listened to them. This is way worth the investment!

  4. Scott Simmons

    The police station I work in got a grant to renovate our space. And being more versed with technology and the internet, I was put in a committee, tasked into getting new whiteboards for our office. The price point was a lot higher the we initially anticipated, and we were worried about being able to get what we needed. We looked at online options and came across your company, and upon further inspection purchased several cans of The Hero. Your team was very polite and it helped out our painters in setting it up. We were very pleased with the space-saving it has provided and everyone was very happy. Thanks for all the help.

  5. Roosevelt Atkins

    I bought the Thinker White one year ago and I love them. I’m saw the sticker on a wall at a conference I attended. I went with The Thinker and I couldn’t be happier with the fit. I write on it every day, and it’s so smooth!..~ They seem water resistant. After a year, the wall is almost so smooth and the surface has formed perfectly. The wall is fantastic and has resolved after about 18 months. I recommend you get it for every wall! Every office!

  6. Shirley Schultz

    In all, I can use my painted wall for 14 hours a day with minimal clean up effort and no damage whatsoever. I would certainly recommend these paints to anyone and everyone who wants a whiteboard/writing board that’s really easy to clean and maintain!

  7. Makena Smith

    Honestly, I want to say that I’m surprised by the quality and durability of my DIP board but honestly, I knew from the start that it would be everything to me. It is the perfect whiteboard for me, I’m truly lost for words but I can definitely say that I have found what I was looking for in a big writing board. I know it sounds so specific, but I’ve been hunting for something like this for awhile now.

  8. Lilyana Joyce

    This is one of those products where you can tell the company actually cares about what they make. It’s long lasting, durable, and the customer service experience is second to none. They’ll call you up to make sure you’re satisfied!

  9. Riley Fuller

    The paint’s ability to reduce smudges by a lot really adds in increments and is very useful to establishing routines when writing! It allows you to write more things in an automatic state without worrying about the long term effects of your dry erase markers on your whiteboard! Kudos to high-quality paint solution technology!

  10. Zane Macias

    I love their product! I’ve used it on a board turning it into a whiteboard and its been with me ever since! It is really good for taking in notes during conversations you have when suddenly you need to write something to save it for later. It’s been in my office the whole time and its usefulness cannot be measured.

  11. Griffin Wilson

    I use like driving around in my spare time, and I probably spend like 12 hours a week in a car. I like Draw It Paint, and I co-relate these 2 things, driving and using Draw It Paint, because now I spend 8 hours every weekend customizing my whiteboard. I bring it wherever I go, so I want funny things to be written on it and people can look at it while I drive around. So in summary, The Thinker that I bought is good for me because it gives me a chance to be more creative.

  12. Juan Holloway

    This paint is amazing to write on. Ever since I stopped having to scrub down normal whiteboards, my wrists don’t ache nearly as much. I can wipe down this paint without too much pressure and it’s so smooth! I love it so much.

  13. Mohammed Thompson

    I would definitely recommend getting the paint if you want to spice up your room or your life. It is really made with love as they say and you see how inspired they were when engineered this product.

  14. Jason Pennington

    Bought some of this to use for the whiteboard to help my son with soccer. It saved his passion and I made him increase his love for the game with it. Thank you Draw It Paint!

  15. Abby Pollard

    This is a great drawing device for adults or children. We made use of such a big whiteboard, big enough that we can all draw on it at the same time, each having our own part of the board. Very customer-friendly when purchasing and user-friendly when assembling/painting. I think the description leads you to believe its a serious item, but really it is pretty much for anyone and everyone who wants to incorporate a writing/drawing device in their home or work.

  16. Shea Ferguson

    Perfect for a party for crafty kids. I got this to create whiteboards for my son’s 3rd Birthday Party. The kids had a blast and they loved using them for drawing and games. I will probably end up picking up another can of The Thinker so me and the wife can create a larger board for ourselves (and maybe share the leftovers with a friend).

  17. Jana Harrison

    I bought Draw It Paint’s The Thinker for my chorale club. Before they had a brand new studio and it was a pretty hectic time. We needed a wall that we could get over with and just hang stuff on. All that being said, the product has been more than helpful as it really put us on the right track in terms of organization. None of us thought much regarding whiteboards, but your product’s service was amazing and each step of the way had helpful people from your end.

  18. Josephine Parsons

    I always have fun using Draw It Paint with my roommates. We’ve used it to as decorations or lists or whatever we need at a moment in our common area. We’ve also used it for writing schedules. Will always recommend, very clean too!

  19. Arely McCarthy

    I used the thinker from Draw it Paint in my classroom for group work and various other school projects. It’s so great to see the kids working together, brainstorming, and sharing all of their ideas openly. The board has proven invaluable for adding to and reviewing as the class goes on. The kids are loving it so far, it’s the new star of my classroom!

  20. Lucian Robinson

    I am loving this dry erase paint, it came very nicely packaged, it’s perfect for my office at home. This is fantastic for all kinds of note taking, to-do lists, simple grocery lists or brainstorming. I enjoy the versatility of having the paint itself is compared to buying a board. Of course, you should also remember to buy some markers and an eraser. Other than that, I would highly recommend Draw it Paint!

  21. Nash Rivas

    I was using a lot of scrap paper for taking notes, doing basic math, whatever would come up; I found an old whiteboard in my crawlspace and started using that over the paper. The board was pretty old, flimsy, got stained easily, but other than that I was much preferring it. I found Draw it Paint online and decided to stop wasting so much paper and messing around with the old board. I used The Thinker to make a few different “tablets” for myself, and have enough left to touch them up… if I ever even need to.

  22. Gretchen Frey

    An advisory for everyone: You can use Draw It Paint, MORE than just a whiteboard for your office or home, MORE than just an interior design wall or a gimmick. It can be used for so many different reasons! It can be used, in my opinion, to increase the durability, smoothness and in turn useful life of your surfaces! Drawit makes it better, and brand new again! I used mine for a small 12 by 12 ft wall in our house and made it a changing mural! It’s very awesome.

  23. Catalina Atkinson

    I’ve been a happy Draw It Paint customer for the last 6 months. I bought it to use in my home office so I could write notes and plan my days. It has been excellent! I have seriously reduced the paper waste in my home now that I don’t make any more silly one-off notes just to be tossed away, and all of my quick thoughts can just go right up on the wall! I love using my Draw It Paint whiteboard every day and has made my workflow so much better!

  24. Mauricio Shepherd

    I have tried other whiteboard paints, like Rustoleum and Idea Paint, but they’re either super expensive for cheap quality, or cheap and garbage quality. Draw It Paint is the happy medium. You get everything you want, and more, from these guys, making it worth every penny. I out the Recruit up in a couple rooms of the house, and it’s been awesome to have. Truly smooth and easy to clean, just as advertised. Don’t settle, and go for Draw It Paint.

  25. Julia Dean

    It’s a good product, when a couple of years down the line, you look at it and realize that is old yet feels brand new. This is what I feel with Draw It Paint. With how much we use this product, I thought it would break after the first 6 months. It’s a testament to the ultra-performance they advertise. 5/5 definitely would recommend to everyone.

  26. Harry Levy

    This has been a great year in the life of my Draw It Paint painted wall. I got the Thinker, in white, and painted it up in my living room. I use it constantly. Taking phone messages, popping up chores, groceries, all that goodness. One of the best purchases ever. It seemed a little pricey, but it more than makes up for it in me not having to hang a normal whiteboard, and it blends into the already white room. It’s like camouflage. Get yourself a can today, people!

  27. Kaia Navarro

    The year of Draw It Paint has arrived. These guys are the kings of the paint-on dry erase board and deserve all the love and admiration they get! They make an incredible whiteboard paint that is long lasting. I use Recruit, and love it! The customer support Draw It Paint offers is incredible. They really care about their customers and you can tell that they believe in their products, with good reason!

  28. Gilbert Pope

    Draw It Paint was something I discovered while I was in college. I’ve had some course mates who used this in their rooms to be able to have a big writing space, while saving actual space. And so, years later, post-uni, I’ve bought this for my first apartment for the same purpose. I didn’t know how great this was until I used it. It is dent proof and its amazing finish its so easy to replicate.

  29. Cristina Buckley

    I used to use Rustoleum, because it was cheap and at my local craft store. HUGE MISTAKE! You get what you pay for. CHEAP! It barely lasted 3 months before fading and needing an industrial cleaner to wipe it off. Total joke. I immediately switched to Draw It Paint and has been the best move I could have made. It’s high quality, durable, and overall the best on the market. I won’t ever cheap out on something like this again. I’m a Draw It Paint girl for life!

  30. Kasey Preston

    It’s a cold winter day like today that makes you glad you have a warm blanket and a Draw It Paint whiteboard to keep you entertained. We’ve been using ours, mostly, for game night. We’ve got it on the wall, handheld boards, all the goodies! It’s added an extra dimension of awesome to the fun and I’m super glad I bought The Thinker from Draw It Paint!

  31. Eli Kerr

    This is the stuff legends are made of. Who would have thought you could get so much more out of a white board, but here we are. I went with The Thinker, I guess this is the entry level product, but I have a hard time imagining it getting any better! Of course read the whole product descriptions, don’t take my word for it.

  32. Tiara Beck

    Recruit is the paint that changed my life. It made all of my work even easier to handle! I’m organized, clean, and eco-friendly! No more wasted scrap paper for this gal! Truly a revolutionary product that’s been dominating the market for years. Draw It Paint are the best of the best, and I firmly believe that no other dry erase paint is even worth considering.

  33. Gabrielle Reynolds

    I’ve had Recruit in my office for 5 years. It’s as good now as it’s ever been. Honestly, if you painted the opposite wall with it today, both sides would look exactly the same. It’s the good. Long lasting, durable, and easy to clean! I have it painted behind my desk, so I have, on more than one occasion, backed my chair right into it. Despite that, it doesn’t scratch, dent, or wear down. It is amazing! You have to get some for yourself. Trust me!

  34. Marilyn Sherman

    My hair salon uses Draw It Paint’s The Thinker and all the girls love it! I mean, as much as you can really love a dry erase board LOL. We bought it with the intention on using it to replace an old board we used to keep at the front for current promotions and deals. Now, we’ve got in a few different spots, including the back room where we’ve taken to writing up our schedules and appointments. I’m seriously impressed with how versatile the paint is, and would suggest other businesses look into picking some up!

  35. Koen Christian

    The reviews are in and Recruit is the best thing since sliced bread! I love this stuff for all uses. Drawing, writing, games, you name it! I even made some portable boards to use when I coach youth football! The perfect tool for anyone and everyone. The biggest positive is the durability. It holds up in the rain, hot sun, and strong winds. It’s virtually indestructible! I love me some Draw It Paint!

  36. Antoine Mooney

    There’s something soothing about being able to write something on a whiteboard, and being able to erase it no questions asked. The consistency that Draw It Paint has given me, really makes me want to pick up my life and try to give it the same easiness. Even one time I had the mistake of using a sharpie did not feel like the end of the world. Just used isoprophyl alcohol along with the eraser and you could clean it out existence and making it brand new!

  37. Kamden Schultz

    It feels like Draw It Paint have themselves a team full of geniuses over there, because Recruit is an absolutely brilliant bit of engineering. Do you engineer paint? Anyway, I love writing on my Recruit board. It’s so smooth! Have you have used a hot knife on butter? Well markers glide on this stuff even easier than this! It’s truly a dream to work with and I’ve told everyone I know about it. My plan is to have Draw It Paint in every office/home/building in the world!

  38. Aaden Macdonald

    I recently got into a career in private investigation. I’ve been using Draw It Paint’s The Thinker for my office and it is awesome. I use it for all of my notes so I can keep track of on going cases and leads. I’ve left notes on the board for over a month, and it still wipes off with ease. That’s really impressive in my eyes. The paint is super high quality, and I think anyone who uses dry erase boards, or anything like, should consider looking into Draw It Paint and all their products.

  39. Presley Pace

    Draw it Paint is my proverbial ace up the sleeve, in meetings and presentations. On 1 can I was able to do a huge wall-space at the office and also create a portable presentation board for myself.. I keep telling clients, It’s really just bad for the environment to be constantly replacing dirty old cheap boards. You have to pay a little extra for quality… One day high quality / long-lasting products like DrawIt Paint will be the norm and we can stop being so wasteful! Excellent stuff.

  40. Bella Bradford

    I went with Recruit purely for financial reasons. Made sense to go with the less expensive option. In my experience using it for the last 6 months, I can say that there is absolutely nothing about this paint that isn’t great. Easy to clean, self-smooths so you get a great writing surface, and it’s tough. I’ve banged into it more than once with boxes or furniture and it still holds strong. It’s the perfect whiteboard and I think is worth every little bit of it’s price tag.

  41. Adriel Barron

    DrawItPaint rocks. Dry-erase paint is such a versatile product and I have to think based on my experience that nobody makes as high-quality of a product as they do. I have an exact section of my kitchen converted to a dry erase board, I don’t have to deal with replacing dirty old boards every other week or wasting any wall space. DiP has exactly what I was looking for.

  42. Zander Chang

    Dry-erase paints really leave traditional boards in the dust. This baby still looks spotless with a casual wipe, even after months of fairly heavy use down at the office. It’s hard to be impressed by something as commonplace as a whiteboard but damn, the fellas at Draw It Paint really have something special going on here. If you keep the durability and lifespan in mind this is also a great deal.

  43. Leonidas Harding

    The gang at DrawIt Paint has really hit a grand salami with this one. Dry-erase paint, you can make any surface you want down to the millimeter! I know it can’t possibly last forever, but I’m starting to think mine will. We’re already months past when I would normally have to chuck out a traditional cheapo board. If a few more replacements go buy this stuff is going to have paid for itself.

  44. Rihanna Boyle

    After a long days work, I like to come home, kick off my shoes, change into some comfy clothing, pour a glass of fine whiskey, and plop myself in front of my Recruit whiteboard to enjoy some peaceful doodling. The markers glide so smoothly along the self-leveling surface. It really is like a dream come true every time I get to use my Draw It Paint board. It’s my favorite past time and I could do it all day, every day, for the rest of my life.

  45. Bruno Weeks

    Awesome purchase for writing music. I have The Thinker painted on the wall in my studio at home so I can workshop songs. The best part for me is it doesn’t cause smearing like traditional whiteboards, so I can edit the notes without messing up entire sections of the staff. Really versatile and handy to use. Don’t have a single bad thing to say in my experience as an owner/user of Draw It Paint’s products.

  46. Cedric Graham

    Idea Paint? Garbage. Rustoleum? Extra garbage. Melamine board? Get out of my face. These are all the worst possible options, and only a fool would pick them over Draw It Paint. DIP has provided us with the ideal whiteboard substitute, better than all the competition. Recruit is the least expensive option, yet 1000 times the quality of any of these cheaper products. DIP has made life that much better and I can’t recommend them enough.

  47. Rene Knox

    If you painted a board with Draw It Paint’s Recruit, took it with you to Vegas, sat front row at a Gallagher show, and held up the board to be absolutely splattered with everything, it would still take nothing more than a simple rag to clean it and return it to it’s pristine white glory. I love it. So smooth, so sleek, so fresh, so awesome. It’s fun to use and easy to clean. I absolutely love this stuff and everyone should but can of Recruit.

  48. Damien Barron

    To put it simply: buying from Draw It Paint for any and all of your dry erase needs is hands down the best option, and in my personal opinion, the only option. Recruit, the paint I personally have been using for the last 4 years, is fantastic. It’s still as bright, white, and clean as it was in the first few days of use. It’s very well made and stands the test of time. Trust me, this is the one and only way to go when it comes to a whiteboard.

  49. Ally Burke

    The thing about Draw It Paint’s Recruit that stood out most to me were it’s anti-ghosting and anti-staining aspects. The biggest pain with a normal whiteboard is how the most common form of wear and tear is staining, which leaves them looking terrible and harder and harder to clean. Thanks to Draw It Paint, they’ve tackled all 3 of those things in one perfect can. Recruit is amazing and I’m going to use it forever.

  50. Makhi Wiley

    So far I am pretty satisfied with DrawItPaint. I purchased to use in study sessions for my science classes due to private rooms at my college being hard to come by. This was the perfect solution! I’ve only had it a week, but there isn’t any staining going on at all and I’m enjoying my board sessions so far. I had enough Draw it Paint to make a board that is very large and allows ample room for more than one person to utilize it at the same time. Overall, I have no negative feedback. If you’re thinking of purchasing a whiteboard, for whatever purpose, I highly recommend considering buying the paint and making your own creative space. You Only Live Once, as the kids say.

  51. Micaela Gibbs

    Drawitpaint is one of the most unique products I’ve ever used in my life. I’m a very basic person, and I feel that I do not need to much to be happy or be cozy in my own home. Drawitpaint however, did not make me more particular about my interior design (im still basic)…it did make me more motivated with changing up how it looks once in awhile. I’m happy to say I’m now not afraid of switching up the color motif 3 times a year and the fact that you can actually write on it, we’ve used it to our advantage a couple of times. Great product, even if you don’t think about it too much.

  52. Casey Reilly

    As someone who lives alone, this whiteboard as been a great bouncing board, a good sound wall. I write and revise a lot on it, nonstop sometimes. It’s very patient in the sense it can take a beating as I write on it constantly. When I erase it, there’s no problem! I can make as much mistakes as I want, and everything will be okay. DrawIt Paint’s whiteboard is very durable, strong , and easy to clean. Happy to have bought this, and as a casual who just uses it to write, its a really good companion.

  53. Carly Jenkins

    I just bought my first can from Draw It Paint! I researched enough and prepared a whiteboard and a wall to paint! It looks stylish and I love the space I save with it. My friend already had her kitchen wall painted so that’s where she writes the ingredients she’s running low on! Such a neat idea and I couldn’t wait to get some for myself! Best. Purchase. EVER!!!

  54. Aubrie Villegas

    We have an artsy child who likes to use the walls as a canvas. We decided to adapt our house rather than do the obvious thing… It has actually worked out very well. It wipes spotlessly if we want the room to look clean and is always ready for our latest art project. Very happy with this unique product from DrawItPaint.

  55. Kaiya Horn

    I was inspired by Draw It Paint to create a large whiteboard space over one of the walls at my place. I had never heard of dry-erase paints and thought it would just be a fun thing to have. It has turned out to be very useful as well, I like having a low-tech calendar again; with plenty of space left over for whatever else. DrawIt Paint’s are as good as it gets in dry-erase surfaces. Fun but with outstanding performance and an amazingly clean wipe.

  56. Sebastian Fisher

    I was very pleasantly surprised by Draw It Paint! I am a beginner art person, getting inspiration from games and shows, and often want to work on multiple things at once. I used to have a pad of paper and a paint program on my Windows 10. I expected this brand of whiteboard to be a premium but eventual throwaway that is in the middle of the pack of whiteboard brands in terms of quality, but actually it is straight at the top in my opinion. I was so surprised when the dry erase was so easy to clean and it is so durable when I press against it.

  57. Eric Braunt

    Draw It Paint should probably be in every meeting room, at least at my office. Nothing is more painful than watching a group of engineers struggling to understand each other’s ideas because the diagrams and notes we are drawing are a muddled mess on a filthy old whiteboard… DrawIt’s surface is amazing. If you put in the slightest bit of effort keeping it clean it will be like new for years. Alright, It’s only been about a year, I’m still guessing but it looks good.

  58. Jaramiah Becker

    I was so impressed with my first order of Draw It Paint that I ordered a second can for my brother to use in his office. This is a very premium whiteboard that looks great on the wall and wipes away flawlessly. I’ve messed around with a lot of crappy boards in my day but DrawIt Paint’s work flawlessly and is adaptable to whatever your exact spacial needs are. Really neat idea and works very well.

  59. Nathanael Michael

    This is great for my kids as I like diversifying the activities they do everyday. I want to give them many different things, some with computers, some without. This is what I came up with during my research and I bought a can for a small wall in their room (along with play doh, jigsaw puzzles, etc.) Happy to report that they love it, as simple as it is. They enjoy drawing anything on it, and one of my kids is old enough to connect the drawings into stories that her other siblings listen to. Its always a sweet moment to watch, and I am so proud of them.

    Talking about the product, I can say for myself that it is good as even the kids find it so easy to use and it is smooth as glass and so easy to erase on.

  60. Harrison Pittman

    From their name, this product was everything I’ve expected it to be. The paint is easy and comfortable despite the other reviews I read and is exactly the description. I was looking something to write ideas on and then save it. I was also looking for something to draw on to pass the time. The difference between this and just a sketchbook is that I get to put it on my wall and make everything, from the notes to the drawings bigger in scale. It helps me get in touch with what I’m feeling day to day. Talking about the paint itself, it is very durable in the sense that it is hard to crack. My cousin even hit the wall once by accident, threw a baseball at it and it seemed fine.

  61. Dayanara Parson

    I am in love with my new whiteboard surface that I was able to create with DrawItPaint. Whiteboards are great study tools in general, the one offered by DrawIt seems to be about as fancy as you can buy. I’m surprised when it keeps wiping so effortlessly to look as good as new. If you can get your hands on some and need a board you should definitely go for it, they’re hard to beat when it comes to quality.

  62. Jaramiah Moon

    Whiteboards are kind of a boring subject but the crew at Draw It Paint have really gone above and beyond to make it a premium product that you can get excited about. I know personally, I never really cared much for the whiteboard in general, they seem like kind of a flimsy, cheapo thing that you need to constantly replace or deal with the filth. DrawIt Paint’s make the perfect dry-erase surface for my needs, it is aesthetically very pleasing which makes it feel more professional as well.

  63. Rafael Todd

    There’s a lot of different reasons to like Draw It Paint and their products. The two reasons I’ve mainly seen are their product is actually as advertised and their customer service is well-trained and they have empathy with the fact that there are still people who don’t know how whiteboard paint works! If we are completely honest, I am one of those people and so I was so happy with the fact that they explained it to me in a non-condescending manner!

  64. Rebecca Wong

    I love using my Recruit whiteboard. It’s been the best tool I have in my constant struggle with working at home. It’s a real game changer and I’m extra thankful to Draw It Paint for making my home work smoother than I could have hoped.

  65. Kira Shaffer

    After 3 years with my Recruit dry erase surface, I have seen no signs of aging or wearing. Draw It Paint promises 10 years of quality and at this rate, it would appear they aren’t lying. The paint is as white as ever and as smooth as ever. Not a single thing out of place after all this time.

  66. Joslyn Esparza

    Wow, I’m really surprised it took me so long to find out about Draw It Paint given the amazing reviews. I had been looking for a solution along these lines for a while, and when I finally came across Recruit, I jumped for joy! It’s been the best purchase of my life and extremely reliable!

  67. Jadyn Compton

    More than anything, you just need consistency in your life. With everything close and in limbo, I am more fearful of the future than feeling safe at the moment. I may be alive but the means to stay alive are slowly dwindling. That being said, I am happy and so fortunate to still have work as a language tutor online. I always count my stars for being trilingual and I’ve been teaching 2 kids on 2 different days a week how to speak Japanese and Korean. Draw It Paint comes in as it is the whiteboard I use in the background where I write down words to pronounce or the outline of the session’s lesson in general. It has such a smooth surface that is easy to erase to the point that kids have no trouble with this medium…even with bad internet!

  68. Juan Clarke

    I would best describe the Recruit: The Thinker paint from Draw It Paint as durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Few products that you can buy today come with even one of these qualities, let alone all three, and DiP have managed to deliver a very high quality dry erase paint that you will be able to buy once and use for a lifetime.

  69. Juan Clarke

    Recruit: The Thinker paint from Draw It Paint as durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Few products that you can buy today come with even one of these qualities, let alone all three, and DiP have managed to deliver a very high quality dry erase paint that you will be able to buy once and use for a lifetime.

  70. Conrad Bowers

    I love Recuit. Such a cool paint idea. Turning surfaces into dry erase boards is such a unique concept, I love it! It allows for an extra layer of creative output, and it’s a pretty darn handy tool as well! I’ve used mine for 2 years and love it more and more each day. Thanks Draw It Paint.

  71. Anton Vang

    I’m starting out on my masters’ degree and to prepare I’ve decided to paint my entire study room wall with Draw It Paint’s The Thinker. It is so I can keep writing stuff without having to erase them for long periods of time…for increased retention. What I realize now is even if I leave dry erase markings on the wall for more than 3 weeks, they still erase so easily. That is the power of having actual good whiteboard paint. It is as useful as it sounds and its useful life is more than 10 years!

  72. Jadiel Cuevas

    Life can be a total mess at points, and staying collected and organized can be a huge challenge. My life has been no different, but that’s why I bought Recruit. It gave me the gift of organization. I can keep track of everything on the dry erase surface it creates, and gives me the ability to put one in any room of the house! A real hero in my life. Thanks Draw It Paint for this amazing paint!

  73. Deacon Blevins

    On the 3rd year anniversary of this product. I am posting to appreciate it. It has gotten myself as well as the people around me through thick and thin. I’ve use their whiteboards as well as their paint for various different (unique and otherwise) reasons…and each and every time it has worked well to my advantage. I am happy to say that 3 years later, I am older but the paint has stayed the same. Maybe if I coat myself, I will endure the hardships of growing old and standing the test of time but I digress. Draw It Paint has given me lots of memories as well as it saved my ass multiple times.

  74. Tori Davis

    I am one happy sailor with The Thinker up on my wall. What an absolute delight of a paint brought me by Drawit Paint. The quality is astounding. I highly recommend buying a can for any and all office/work/art/home needs. I must buy in my humble opinion.

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