Unique: The Hero Black

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It’s the most adaptive dry erase ever made. With good reason. As the first to replace porcelain-steel and glass with its infinitely expandable roll on ability – this innovative abrasion tough formula – Unique:The Hero distributes your focus evenly, eliminating distraction and interruption. The smoothing and leveling gives you a distinctive, modern finish, and its cleaner free wipe gives you support where you need it most while working – at the base of your creativity.

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A revolution in performance that’s become a productivity icon

Its functionality shows through, creating a distinctive look that invites you to reach out and experience the smooth surface for yourself. From the glass like finish to its effortless, cleaner free wipe, our engineers formulated Unique:The Hero around connecting people, creating an aesthetic all their own, and starting a revolution in dry erase performance.

With its Abrasion Tough, Self Leveling and Smoothing, color vibrancy and contrast, and environmentally sensitive formula. It challenged practically every convention about dry erase and paint. Every feature and functionality of Unique: The Hero will advance your creative productivity.


Commercial grade – for heavy usage in large offices or warehouse settings

Abrasion Tough – whiteboard paint surface will not score or scratch upon physical abrasion to maintain dry-erase performance

Ultra Strength – physical impact will not compromise the whiteboard paint surface

Strong Adhesion – physical impacts will not separate from the wall or substrate surface

…and all the specifications of Professional grade…

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever

Additional information

Guaranteed coverage

100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

US Domestic

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Draw It Performance dry erase paint, specialty rollers, manuals


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71 reviews for Unique: The Hero Black

  1. Michael Johnson

    The craftsmanship and style of this cannot be beat. A true american product that performs just as well as it looks. Super slick and smooth, providing the perfect work surface. It arrived quickly and they even make sure to help you set things up.

  2. Gregory Hood

    I am an able-bodied homebody that due numerous factors, including being an introvert. That’s not to say I do not have any friends but they come over and we play board games. Draw It Paint helps here as we don’t like using paper too much as it is a waste specially for recreation. And so, being able to use an originally black wall while maintaining the color is a win! It does not change how my living room looks visually but in terms of usefulness it has multiplied sevenfold! 7/7 very useful!

  3. Holly White

    I used to be skeptical about whiteboard paint; the level of devotion that people have to this company seemed a bit excessive. Nevertheless, The Hero looks so good that I finally decided to get it. I am glad that I did.

  4. Annie Bailey

    My husband got me a pair of cans of The Hero paint for Christmas. I love them! So far the walls I’ve painted in the house look and feel like the most brand new ones we have, and we have a lot of walls. They look like they’ve improved in shine and durability! Fingers crossed that they last a long time! Thank you Draw It Paint!

  5. Kristina Bush

    Its been over almost a year and all the paint is holding up great! Looking brand new with no sign of stains! Great quality paint that I would recommend to anyone.

  6. Dorothy Davis

    Bought 3 cans and used them up a year ago and all the painted walls are holding up so well. As a house surveyor, Draw It Paint really is the dream for people who don’t like retouching walls over the years!

  7. Salvador Bolton

    The whiteboard I made with their paint lasted me a whole year so far. Working 8 hours a day in the graveyard shift, the whiteboard helps me work and keeps me company when I want to fool around with some data. Its pretty great.

  8. Mya Moran

    Despite these paints being well above the price level of “economy price”, they are, in my opinion clearly worth the price. Please, also realize there are some companies which price at far higher prices than the level for these paints and you get a much worse product. Again, worth every penny!

  9. Veronica Snyder

    My The Hero wall has given me so much memories for me and my friends throughout the years!! Thank you for providing high quality paint that can be used by anyone. 4 years later we still use the wall for things as mundane as bet tracking and shopping lists!

  10. Kobe Rubio

    This may turn out to be the best whiteboard paint I have ever owned! Draw It Paint never fails to satisfy. Excellent quality and craftsmanship.

  11. Corinne Garcia

    Draw It Paint coated whiteboards have the slickest finish I’ve ever owned, paint wise. Lasted three years and counting so I’m practically positive on this investment! Recommend them to everyone!

  12. Judah Fernandez

    You love to see how great the paint works after you’ve read so much reviews and have watched their videos. The paint works amazing on my door and me and my family write stuff on our doors such as ‘DND’, ‘TTYL’, ‘GTFO’, among other things. It helps us communicate with each other. One time I had an argument with my daughter and drew a sunflower on her door as an apology.

  13. Lyla Rivera

    This was my first Draw It Paint purchase and they’ve never disappointed. Easy applying/drying period and without even having to do routine care, it’s so easy to keep these things in tip top shape! I very much recommend the Hero and likely all of their products.

  14. Angelique Frazier

    I’ve had these for 4 months. I’ve used whiteboards for different things and this ones been an upgrade for almost every task I have. Doing fieldwork for my company half the time, this comes in handy given the different weather conditions I experience. Very easy to erase and durable to anything nature throws at it. Draw it Paint is amazing.

  15. Roman Castillo

    I love Draw It Paint and they enable me and thousands other people do so many things. The ideology of a whiteboard unlocking your potential is something I can relate to on a spiritual level. They are casual enough to use at home or for recreation yet they can be an office tool that is used professionally. I’ve even seen people use in unique ways. All these things just add to the charm.

  16. Bobby Schwartz

    I’ve had these for almost a year and they’re definitely in my top 5 best purchases of 2019. The Hero Black style is such a classic – they go with every piece of decoration, and work for season or holiday. The paint is thick, and it feels sturdy and well-made. I hardly notice the paint of it all as it looks like wallpaper, especially with the dry erase drawings we did.

  17. Alyana Bradford

    Very pleased with this product. The glossy feature it has once finished works great, it is quite comfortable to use and you don’t have to be intimidated, have had it for three and a half months now and I have no qualms. It is still as firm as before and I like it.

  18. Cleo Boyle

    Right out of the cans they quickly applied to the walls. After it was ready, we started drawing Olaf the snowman (cause he’s the easiest to draw)! I was surprised how well the dry erase markings stuck to the dry paint wall, and so quickly my son picked up drawing so well. After reading some other reviews about the long wait time, I was worried. But in my home, the time to get everything to work was just about equivalent to preparing eggs for breakfast, quick and easy!

  19. Leia Bradshaw

    Just purchased this a few weeks ago and all I can say is “thank goodness”. It is really good and worth all your money. Happy to see the people who interact with the new whiteboard at home enjoy using it, including me.

  20. Camden Shea

    There’s something so satisfying about using this paint. First, it looks so cool. Something really unique about a black whiteboard. Then, how smooth it is to write on. It’s really impressive just how slick this stiff really is.

  21. Taliyah Meadows

    I believe this brand is highly underrated. Draw It Paint is nothing less than useful and innovative paint technology. I have really high respect for this company. Each can of paint I use has not broken down after a year. They were definitely built to be useful, and I hope more and more people see how great their product is and use it.

  22. Kristopher Carney

    My girlfriend said I suggest more colors other than black, white or clear. She said imagine having a pink or blue whiteboard, which you could draw on. I’m okay with anything but she told me to suggest it…

    So here I am. Regarding the actual performance of the paint I have nothing negative to say, only praise for this.

  23. Denise Mccormick

    I first bought Draw It Paint, I used it to help myself and I guess my friends with exercise routines. I was new to going to the gym and so it was too much for me to keep looking every time I went there. As unconventional as it was, I am pretty satisfied with the turn out as it helped build my confidence as well as keeping my head down and focused on the task. I bought this as a way to take care of all the small things that make you doubt or insecure and just go on and do the steps needed to be taken to improve yourself.

  24. Alaina Shannon

    My husband & I run a bar & grill in New Jersey. I’m usually tasked to make the sign for our specials (we have new ones every day!) Our board sits outside all day, and well into the evening. I have gone through a variety of different materials and boards but the Draw it Paint board we created stands up to the use, abuse and weather! We used The Hero (Black), it is priced great & made to last! I totally recommend this to anyone with similar needs.

  25. Belle Galloway

    Heard and purchased this product last year from a referral in a school. Very effective in its potential uses and it is very easy to purchase and it basically sets up itself. The MSDS were all in the box and there were no problems just opening it and using it straightaway. It even has a 20 year warranty, which I don’t even think I need as so far it has shown no signs of depreciation, a product of ultra-performance! Very worth it.

  26. Lilianna Solomon

    I’m a stay at home Mom and Draw it Paint has proven to be a great purchase so far. I setup a great board to help me organize my life, and of curse my kids <3, they have fun with it on the side too! This is such a unique product that presents a lot of possibilities, I never knew it existed until recently but it has exceeded my expectations!

  27. Mya Short

    My co-worker and I ordered The Hero, we just wanted a can to try out but it ended up being such a great buy! We decided that rather than buying more cheap, pre-sized boards, we would try creating our own that fit our exact needs and space available. The flexibility of being able to create the boards yourself makes it absolutely perfect for both of us, what an excellent idea this paint is! It performs much better than other boards, the surface is resilient and beautiful. I feel like we really stumbled into a good investment.

  28. Marlee Scott

    My mother works as a teacher, and I had to listen to her complain about her crappy whiteboard they won’t replace at her school, I went online in search of help and found Draw it Paint. She must like it because I haven’t heard any complaints since! You end up with a beautiful shiny finish, that just so happens to be an excellent whiteboard! I helped her make a new board, it was as easy as painting anything else. This is a very cool product, I even had enough left over to make something for myself.

  29. Katrina Mcbride

    There are nothing but good things I have to say about Draw It Paint’s Unique. It is exactly as the title says: unique. I’ve never used a whiteboard paint until this and I think I hit the jackpot. It’s been absolutely perfect. I’ve been able to tackle all of my work problems using it, and it can handle my excessive writing and erasing. No smudging, no stains, no wear down. It’s tough as can be and one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

  30. Kaiya Woodward

    I got some for school and it helps a lot. I have a weird, kinda unique setup with about 6 small boards that I use for memory games and studying. I wouldn’t have been able to get exactly what I want without the ability to create my own surface, which is exactly what Draw it Paint allows you to do. It has worked out perfectly for my needs, I think it can do the same for you too.

  31. Cassie Lin

    When I finish a long day of work, the absolute last thing I want to do is go hunting for some industrial cleaner so I can tidy up a whiteboard. That’s why I’m glad I bought from Draw It Paint. I tried Idea Paint, but it was cheap and needed to be re-painted after 2 months!! Draw It Paint has been holding strong for over 6 months now, and I’m very happy. Unique is an amazing paint that has made my life just that bit easier!

  32. Ethan Bradshaw

    I love to multitask. It’s a big part of my job and keeping myself organized is a big step in achieving success. That’s why I bought The Hero! I’ve had it up for about 8-9 months and it rules! When I’m on long conference calls, I can stand and take as many notes as I need. No more wasting paper of keyboards clicking over the sound of the phone call. Then, I can leave it up there for days and days with no fear of it staining the wall or getting stuck. This paint is the best of its kind and I’m super happy I went with Draw It Paint.

  33. Carly Roy

    A silent guardian. A watchful protector. Unique: The Hero. Painting entire buildings in a single bound (results may vary), Draw It Paint have established themselves as the whiteboard paint champions of the world. They’re the most established, the best reviewed, and the company backs their stuff up! The paints are the ultimate combo of smooth, sleek, and wipe easy. The true Hero we need and the one we deserve!

  34. Yandel Rangel

    The team at DrawItPaint really treats their customers with respect. I wasn’t sure what I needed really and contacted them with a sheet of questions. They were extremely patient and recommended me exactly what I needed, with absolutely no pressure to try and up-sell me. I think I ended up buying it just because they were so pleasant in our exchange. The board itself is incredible, it’s been stealing the attention away from my actual presentations. Who would have thought a white board could be a conversation piece? Great stuff.

  35. Jay Rubio

    My office ordered some DrawIt Paint and it was a really cool product. I offered to help get the board at work set up, and was allowed to bring home what was extra. I have a professional grade whiteboard at home for doodling and the occasional note… It’s totally overkill for my needs but this sure is amazing stuff.

  36. Shawn Daniel

    It is always a pleasure when I get to use my Draw It Paint board. I love that it comes in black, too. I think white markers just look so cool. It was pretty easy to paint on the wall, though definitely a new process with dry erase paint. However, once it’s up and set, you’re good to go! You’ll be happy for life with a Draw It Paint board in your life!

  37. Hugo Henderson

    Great paint for any setting, professional or personal. I bought The Hero to use for my school’s sports program. We took down the old stained boards, and painted the walls in their place. So far, the coaches all seem to love using it. Not the most important thing on their minds, but they haven’t noticed a difference, but have said the paint feels wait better than the traditional whiteboards do. I’d say that’s a big plus! Thanks a lot, Draw It Paint!

  38. Kendal Bean

    Of all the Draw It Paint paint-on dry erase board options, I chose Unique because it has the best picture. Like a 60’s superhero/wrestler. I love it, but not as much as I love the paint itself! It’s been such a great tool for me. I draw on it every day for practice and rough work. I like to make cartoons, so having a big outlet for my drawing is very handy. It also stays clean, which is a big plus for me. Can’t stand messy surfaces. Draw It Paint have made me very happy and my friends now know about the beauty of Unique.

  39. Dane Kirby

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been as happy with a purchase for my home as I have been with Draw It Paint’s Hero. It’s been super helpful. Got it painted up on a wall in the kitchen so I can create my grocery lists and write down upcoming dates. It’s a neat tool that I’m a big fan of. Easy to clean, easy to use. It’s really the perfect dry erase option. Thanks so much, Draw It Paint!

  40. Shiloh Weeks

    If you work in any sort of clean environment, chalkboards are not an option, and whiteboards are all you have. The problem with a whiteboard is they wear down and stain, plus needing a special cleaner just to try and sort of maintain some semblance of clean. Draw It Paint have tackled all of this with Unique. It stays clean 100% of the time, and does not require any sort of special cleaner. It is the perfect option for any sort of dry erase board.

  41. Gabriella Villarreal

    This is a top notch paint. I’ve been using it for a year and I absolutely love to write on it. It’s so great, I decided to create a bunch of small, handheld boards to use for my class. Now we can play trivia games and everyone can hold up these fun signs. They’re awesome! Plus, they wipe of so easily, I don’t have to buy any cleaners. Just pass around a cloth and everything is clean in a second! I love Draw It Paint and Unique!

  42. Marisol Levinte

    Since having my first baby my DrawIt Paint board has been getting a lot of use. I just load it up with things I need to do, or need my husband to take care of. We’re coordinated and feeling good, it’s been a big help and seems to be a long-lasting kind of product. Professionals should definitely be using this, but it’s very useful for anyone.

  43. Remington Weiss

    In a world if imitation brands, one dry erase paint stands above the rest as the true OG. That’s right, I’m talking about Draw It Paint and Unique: The Hero. Easily the absolute best dry erase paint on the market, Draw It Paint offers a paint that is self-leveling, UV protected, durable, and easy to clean. They’ve managed to manufacture a paint unlike any other that has every possible angle covered in terms of long product life. Draw It Paint are geniuses and I love Unique!

  44. Akira Rush

    Alright, this has gotten out of hand. How am I still seeing people on the internet debating on options for dry erase paint? It’s Draw It Paint. There’s only Draw It Paint. Stop buying cheap garbage and buy from Draw It Paint. The Hero is one of the all time greatest things I’ve ever bought, and it has zero competition in the realm of dry erase paint. I love this stuff. Super smooth, super glossy, easy to clean. Buy it and buy it now!

  45. Elaina Contreras

    Writing on the wall almost 8 hours a day is punishment enough for any surface. I work in construction services and have put it through everything. The wall looks brand new regardless and has consistently been in pretty good shape. One of the most useful purchases I have ever done. 15 years in the industry, you learn a thing or two on when to take these victories. Thank you Draw It Paint!

  46. Xiomara Kirk

    The moment I finished placing this product in my room, the one thing I noticed is how clean my room was. Because, before this I had a whiteboard stuck to my wall, and table full of rubbish notes from awhile back. Now, it’s just the wall, yes I painted my wall with whiteboard paint, and it is working for me on every level. I love how it improves the layout of my room and makes it look cleaner and more themed. I feel professional looking at it and even more while using it. It has a shine that cannot be blurred or dimmed with constant use. It also has a toughness to it, which made for very easy painting as the wall’s finish came out really evenly.

  47. Walter Esparza

    I’ve had these for 4 months. I’ve used whiteboards for different things and this ones been an upgrade for almost every task I have. Doing fieldwork for my company half the time, this comes in handy given the different weather conditions I experience. Very easy to erase and durable to anything nature throws at it. Draw it Paint is amazing.

  48. Alejandro Ibarra

    I love this whiteboard as I have the quirk of not letting sunlight in my room. I hate it when my eyes adjust constantly to it as the day goes along. Fortunately this whiteboard’s shine (with my lamps and etc.) is enough to brighten up the whole room. Don’t need sun if you’re actual whiteboard is spreading the light across the room like it is it’s own business. The shine has not faded, and the whiteboard hasn’t shown sides of decay. It’s a really good investment to make on.

  49. Makayla Vaughan

    As unconventional as it was, I am pretty satisfied with the turn out as it helped build my confidence as well as keeping my head down and focused on the task. I wouldn’t have been able to get exactly what I want without the ability to create my own surface, which is exactly what Draw it Paint allows you to do.

  50. Jamarion Reeves

    I bought The Hero! I’ve had it up for about 10 months and it rules! When I’m on long conference calls, I can stand and take as many notes as I need. No more wasting paper or the sound of annoying keyboards clicking over the sound of the phone call. It’s a dream come true for any and all office workers. DiP are the best!

  51. Jermaine Pierce

    Me and my son have been by ourselves for awhile now. Ever since his mom walked out on us, we’ve been trying to be comfortable just the 2 of us. We don’t talk about it so much but of course we’re experiencing some deep level of raw pain of what happened. With Draw It Paint however, it began innocently as I’d write encourage stuff to him when I leave for work. One day, he left a message of why mom left. I don’t want to go into too much detail but what I can say is that it is a good whiteboard. And the very least, it somewhat made us grow closer through emotional expression. Obviously I know communicating what happened helps but never did I think The Hero would become our hero in bridging the gap. So I just wanted to say thank you for that.

  52. Saniya Allison

    I’ve heard of Draw It Paint from relatives and workmates but I didn’t expect to stumble upon so close by! That’s what actually convinced me to finally give it a try. I’ve always known how great the finish of their whiteboard paint was as well as its ultra-durability and constant sleek aesthetic! I’ve painted one of the walls in my office with it and have been using it as a drawing board for my ideas, excuse the pun.

  53. Todd Gilbert

    As I sit here, staring up at my dry erase wall and writing this review, I have a smile on my face, knowing that I’ve got the best dry erase paint on the market. Draw It Paint have masterfully crafted this paint to be smooth, sleek, and easy to clean. One of the most excellent products I’ve ever used and will be a user for years to come.

  54. Lillianna Howard

    I count my blessings that when I work from home, I get to use my Draw It Paint dry erase board. Unique has been the best thing to happen to me since sliced bread. It’s the best “whiteboard” I’ve ever used by a mile, and doesn’t stain like a normal board would. It can handle heavy use and is a real God-send.

  55. Evelin Henderson

    I’m so happy that I bit the bullet and dropped the cash on Unique. It is amazing! I love this paint so much, making my work-at-home experience so much nicer. I can keep notes up for a while without fear of staining, and it’s handling the daily use without a shred of trouble. Love this paint and Draw It Paint’s commitment to quality!

  56. Evelin Henderson

    Unique: The Hero. It is amazing! I love this paint so much, making my work-at-home experience so much nicer. I can keep notes up for a while without fear of staining, and it’s handling the daily use without a shred of trouble. Love this paint and Draw It Paint’s commitment to quality!

  57. Miya Gonzalez

    I really find Draw It Paint’s whiteboards so peculiar. On one hand, I can see why people like it…it’s very versatile and useful. On the other hand, it’s pretty plain, I feel like it’s being overhyped. However, there was a rainy day before where I needed something to write on as it was a vital piece of information. I ran to the my car, and wrote on the whiteboard, all while soaking wet. Despite of being watered down, the whiteboard still caught hold of the dry-erase and wrote legibly. I was really impressed after that and had no more doubts ever since. A great product, that is always there for you!

  58. Karlee Boone

    Draw It Paint has the prettiest and cleanest looking whiteboards I’ve ever seen. I just needed one for my home office and someone just recommended this to me. I didn’t expect much but I am so blown away by how great a product it is. It’s black and simple but it somehow made my office look more professional. It’s especially more noticeable in video conferences, as my colleagues have commented on it. It’s easy to write on and the erasures I make leave no permanent marks! What a steal, and one I did not even expect!

  59. Iris Christensen

    I like to add a little bit of flare to everything I do. I have often used dry erase boards for work and when I saw that Draw It Paint offered something other than white, I jumped on the opportunity. The black is so cool. A little edgy, different, right up my alley. I use it every day and it’s one of my favorite tools for work. Stays clean and requires zero maintenance. Buy some of this paint and you won’t regret it!

  60. Jaqueline Haas

    If you think Draw It Paint’s Unique is too good to be true, I can assure you that it is indeed all that and a bag of chips. This paint offers the very best in dry erase surfaces. It’s easy to apply, easy to keep clean, and smoother than a hot knife through butter to write on. Truly the ultimate tool for business or pleasure.

  61. Damari Ford

    Draw It Paint is one of the best products to have this quarantine. You can use it as an extra arm for discussion, playing games, brainstorming and just straight up drawing. It’s really interesting how easy it is to use and how clean it gets after a long day of just using it constantly! My favorite whiteboard, if that’s a thing!

  62. Justice Huerta

    I’ve been using this for a year and I must day, Draw It Paint have cracked the code on brilliant engineering. This paint does all it claims, from no stains to UV-proof, it bother over promises AND over delivers. There’s not many products that can say the same thing.

  63. Lorelai Crane

    Draw It Paint has a straightforward product coupled with customer service that is on the next frickin’ level in terms of politeness and efficiency. They manage to be nice to you while not wasting your time. The whiteboard is easy to assemble and incorporate into your daily tasks. No issues, no worries, all performance!

  64. Diego Sandoval

    When things get really bad, you start to enjoy the little things more. Last month I lost my job, things have been shaky at home because noone’s used to spending so much time with each other anymore…and to add to that my son’s dog ran away. But what can you do as a father, and as a man? You keep your head held high and find solutions. And you can ask: how can there be anything that answers all these problems at once? I say to you, communication. And Draw It Paint helped really well with that as their whiteboard became a soundboard which absorbed all the negativity in the house. We wrote things that we felt, whether if it was directed to another person or not. And we read them, acknowledged them and listened to them. It has been great ever since that exercise, though I find everyone’s a touch bit more passive-aggressive now.

  65. Sophia Perkins

    Sophia likes this dry erase paint very much. I can’t get over the quality! It seems odd that something like a paint would be “dent-proof” yet, with my kids running around, and things knocking it constantly, it really has no signs of scuffs or damage, and feels smooth as can be! It’s so cool and the best tool for my busy life!

  66. Isaias Jimenez

    Draw It Paint is a company that can and will stand the test of time as they have good marketing and a very clean image. It baffles me how many people are still unaware that the best whiteboard out there has already been made and it exists right here. They don’t say any buzzwords or things they can’t back up with facts. The matter of the fact is, they have good, durable, non-ghosting whiteboards! And this is from someone who has had one for 3 years now!

  67. Gordon Buckley

    To everyone reading this message, first of all make sure you stay safe, stay protected.

    As an aspiring photographer, I find it’s difficult to take criticism for the smallest things because some of them are too small like the type of camera you use, the slight contrast or blur of the shot. It can be stifling, especially if you’ve meant to do some of those things as a creative direction or choice. That being said, I want to be better…and so I’ve been writing all these notes down on something that can be seen and is easy to edit. And you guessed it, I use a Draw It Paint whiteboard for this. It is crazy how clean it is and how clear it is to write on. It blows my mind and I am constantly boggled! Leave the writing on a week or even 2 and it still erases likes its nobody’s business! Very proud of my craft as well as this product’s contribution to it.

  68. Brendan Ashley

    As far as I know, Draw It Paint are the only company out there that offers dry erase paint (or any form of fry erase board, for that matter) that comes in black! Such a sleek, stylistic option for your office needs. I’m a huge fan and have been raving constantly to my friends and colleagues about this stuff for the last year! It’s worth every penny and a no-brainer purchase.

  69. Ezequiel Blackwell

    I’ve been working in television for a couple years now, and one aspect of shooting that often gets overlooked is story boarding. There’s a million ways to do it, but I love having a large scale medium for mine so I can really plan it out. That’s why I bought Unique. It’s been a reliable tool every step of the way, helping me get my vivid ideas out and plan for success!

  70. Karsyn Alvarado

    After 7 months of using my The Hero, I can attest to how strong and durable it actually is. I’ve moved around a lot with my parents before eventually moving out so this whiteboard has stuffed in many, many delivery trucks as well as car trunks and it hasn’t gotten a dent or even a scratch! I’m not even the most careful with it and small accidents happen but after a certain point I’ve stopped getting worried! In the chaos that is story of my life, I’ve learnt to rely on it for so many things and it has not let me down. From the whiteboard itself protecting me from the rain as an example, it really is ultra-performing!

  71. Caden Atkins

    They’ve been around for at least 5 years in my opinion…and that time of seeing them come and go of my feed, as well as through the word of mouth I get an ear on, I’ve only heard and seen good things. And so, this quarantine, I finally gave them a chance and bought one for myself! I need a wall where I could write stuff as well as hang them on in my garage and I thought this was the perfect fit.

    Safe to say it was as it brought the whole room together, making it look cleaner and slicker in the process. The wall is easy to erase too, something I actually forgot to factor in while debating whether to buy but it was a welcome surprise! Hope to use this for another year at least. I’ll keep everyone posted!

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