Unique: The Hero Clear

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It’s the most adaptive dry erase ever made. With good reason. As the first to replace porcelain-steel and glass with its infinitely expandable roll on ability – this innovative abrasion tough formula – Unique:The Hero distributes your focus evenly, eliminating distraction and interruption. The smoothing and leveling gives you a distinctive, modern finish, and its cleaner free wipe gives you support where you need it most while working – at the base of your creativity.

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A revolution in performance that’s become a productivity icon

Its functionality shows through, creating a distinctive look that invites you to reach out and experience the smooth surface for yourself. From the glass like finish to its effortless, cleaner free wipe, our engineers formulated Unique:The Hero around connecting people, creating an aesthetic all their own, and starting a revolution in dry erase performance.

With its Abrasion Tough, Self Leveling and Smoothing, color vibrancy and contrast, and environmentally sensitive formula. It challenged practically every convention about dry erase and paint. Every feature and functionality of Unique: The Hero will advance your creative productivity.


Commercial grade – for heavy usage in large offices or warehouse settings

Abrasion Tough – whiteboard paint surface will not score or scratch upon physical abrasion to maintain dry-erase performance

Ultra Strength – physical impact will not compromise the whiteboard paint surface

Strong Adhesion – physical impacts will not separate from the wall or substrate surface

…and all the specifications of Professional grade…

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever

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Guaranteed coverage

100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

US Domestic

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Draw It Performance dry erase paint, specialty rollers, manuals


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68 reviews for Unique: The Hero Clear

  1. Mary James

    The whole time I was worried this wouldn’t hold up long term right after buying them. Despite being in the field through rain, mud, wind, hail, dust, rock, and everything else – The Hero made it through without a single scratch or blemish!

  2. Cynthia Benson

    Buying American is at the top of my list and that’s Draw It Paint! Yes, please! This is my second paint purchase and I love it even more than the first time! They are second to none!

  3. Sara Clark

    I used to have whiteboards before, all those years ago. It used to be my journal-device as well as my teaching medium. It is all I had from my pre-teen days. Coming back to it as an adult, this is the first time I’ve seen these things priced this high. Upon further inspection though, it makes sense as it had so much potential in terms of usage. I bought The Hero for my dorm room and I am actually surprised how many of my roommates unironically enjoy using it. We write each other notes when we leave and we post a lot of quotes for the day or jokes that we found funny. It is easy to clean and the paint does not add weight onto the board. Looks slick as hell too! I feel like such an oldie, but I guess this is what adulting really is about, find ways to make your home base more efficient. 100% great, 11/10 yes buy it it is really good.

  4. Cullen Gregory

    These are a great US made option, that look and feel like a quality piece of work. It takes zero effort to clean these boards, and they stand up to any bumps, scrapes, etc. May even go out any buy another color soon.

  5. Jocelyn Perkins

    I bought a can of these a week and a half ago, I’m 26, work for a newspaper company 10-12 hour days everyday and the whiteboard in the corner of my office is still looks brand new. I get that they’re marketed to be so durable but I didn’t expect it to be impervious to falling, bumps scratches among other things. I am very happy, and very proud of my Whitney, my whiteboard.

  6. Kody Little

    I have to say that Draw It 100% have the best paints ever. I am located in a warehouse and we need products like this that can last. Is easy to say that this product has some proud people working and coming with ideas that suit the people that use them!

  7. Anton Norton

    I bought these about 9 months ago and drew a self-portrait and show it to my son. He loved the whiteboard and my drawing. I absolutely love my new whiteboard as they have lasted longer than any of my other art products and I am very tough on them. It still feels new to use day after day. Respect the hustle!

  8. Blaine Greer

    These are high quality paints. I love that they’re made in America. I refuse to send my dollars to China. This shipped fast with clear instructions and they even helped me install/apply it! You guys rule!

  9. Omari Singh

    After going through a couple other lower-end paint brands, the quality and longevity are unmistakable. Took a bit longer to apply than ‘cheap’ paints, but is barely a consideration when considering the long-term life of Draw It Paint products.

  10. Aimee Butler

    If you’re looking for a good all around, well built & versatile whiteboard paint, I’d put my money towards any of the Draw It Paint products. It is definitely an investment with the price tag, but taking care of your investment will pay off in the long run.

  11. Tanner Dudley

    I have been using these for well over a year and from day one these are hands down easier to execute on than the 3 other models I have used over the last few years. I am writing on these for 6 hours a day so comfort and fit to my tastes is a necessity. Having said that, one dry erase marker somewhat splattered and by that I mean my daughter drew using so much dry erase over the whiteboard. Yet, erasing it was like nothing at all so that was really nice.

  12. Wilbert Ford

    The quality of materials looks amazing, I must say. The paint comes out smooth and sleek, but subtle enough to blend into the room. I’m really pleased with my purchase and will be recommending these products to all my friends and coworkers.

  13. Ira Walsh

    I absolutely love this whiteboard. We have been using it for almost a year now and it’s a lifesaver, or more specifically keeps my daughter’s nine-year-old existence in check. She’s gotten into drawing for some reason she learnt to be super critical of her own work. I’m guessing she’s competing with some boy in school. So as a result, she’s been too shy with regards to showing off her drawings to us. We bought The Hero as a countermeasure for her to be able to practice and be more confident. It works and she’s getting better and being less shy about her current level of talent.

  14. Ian Warren

    Money well spent. This will quickly become your favourite whiteboard solution. A lasting product that’s as slick and smooth as the day I applied it. Will be sticking with Draw It Paint from now on!

  15. Patience Church

    I’m pretty sure regardless of what you order, their product is always top of the line, because when I went to put the paint on the wall, the color is exactly like the picture as you can see, and I was willing to take a chance on it regardless because they have a really good reputation backed up with reviews.

  16. Maggie Higgins

    So far I am very pleased with this product. I don’t know that it dries things faster I haven’t seen that but as far as erasing dry erase markers it sure does. I bought some wipers which makes it even easier to erase and does not leave any stains. The best part is I can pick what color I want to write with and it doesn’t matter

  17. Kierra Hartman

    So proud of Draw It Paint being from the USA. Their product quality is so top-tier and there is no one even close to doing what they’re able to do.

  18. Keenan Patel

    I have really enjoyed using my whiteboard paint from Draw It Paint. The clear “looks” so cool, because it blends right into a room. Seriously, 90% of the time, I wouldn’t even notice it if it didn’t have something written on it! It’s such a neat product.

  19. Jeremiah Reeves

    A high-concept product with an amazing background and a limitless usage potential, and it delivers on all these promises based on its reviews. Draw It Paint has great paint that can be used for many different things.

  20. MJ Ramirez

    Other brands always want you to spend more money than you should, and is more than willing to constantly frustrate you with subtlely poor quality products that force your hand in making you paying your way to get the stuff usable. Fortunately, Draw It Paint is at its best from the moment you get it AND it manages to give you the best service the product can give, a day, a week, a month, and even A YEAR after you’ve purchased them. My whiteboard still feels like it shows no signs of stain or depreciation no matter how much I’ve used it in the longest time I’ve had it.

  21. Adrianna Malone

    I am definitely a Draw It Paint customer for life. They over deliver on the quality that this paint brings. Easy to clean? Ridiculous understatement. I’ve had stuff on the wall for over a month that wipes off with nothing but a dry rag. So darn cool.

  22. Elizabeth McMahon

    Thankfully, I figured out (just this morning) the things to try on the wall. It’s simple to do, and it works! We tried playing tic tact toe, that was fun cause it was HUGE. We tried playing guess-the-word (hangman), that was fun! Overall, we’re just starting out and just wanted to say how fun and useful Draw It Paint is.

  23. Danny Dixon

    This is by far the most popular party board we use when we have a game night. We’ve played so many different games with this as the tracker or the game board. Charades for example or taboo. Bit simple in usage, but we will work towards it. For now, Draw It Paint’s paint prowess shows even in the simplest of functions we give the whiteboard.

  24. Marcia Sanders

    Draw It Paint has been in my corner for the longest time now. And the drive and flame it gives inside of me has not slowed down or gone out. I’ve been working, being productive for my label, constantly looking for ways to succeed. We still have many different artists and the same struggles are still there. It’s gotten easier though, especially since the whiteboard is now part of our system. The groundbreaking change that we made incorporating this into our work has repaid a constantly and I still can’t believe how easy it is to use and how impactful it is, albeit being simple in concept.

  25. Noel Salinas

    I’m hoping that whoever came up with this received an award. It’s such a simple but useful idea, to turn any surface into a premium whiteboard. The finish looks and feels awesome. I used the clear version of The Hero on the walls in my kids bedrooms; they’ve been creating art and using it for school work, it really is a joy to see. Draw It Paint is really onto something with this! I also made myself a board for boring, professional purposes as well; and it’s great.

  26. Marcia Hicks

    As the caretaker of my grandmother with hearing disabilities, this is a really emotional topic for me. Draw It Paint has been a big part of keeping us connected. The simplicity of the product’s shipping, setup and warranty, coupled with the safety of the material on the whiteboards makes easier for her to communicate with me (I’ve just been starting to learn sign language). It really has bridged the gap and I really have high praise for this. She is still with us, and the whiteboard has really made our relationship stronger this late into her life.

  27. Jaydin Meyers

    Loved the hero from Draw it Paint, I refuse to go back to old cheap boards. The panel I created is durable and has held up perfectly so far. It feels luxurious to draw on and cleans up so nicely. I love it, it has been such a great addition to my home.

  28. Jazmin Goodwin

    I live and die by whiteboards, unfortunately it doesn’t take long for most of them to start “ghosting”, getting covered in ink stains and traces of old content. Your average cheap whiteboard can’t be easily erased, especially if you need to leave something up for a few weeks/months. Not with Draw it Paint. Things seem to erase just as easily if it was up for month or a few hours! Amazing! I found it easy to apply and I basically had a perfect surface after. They offer a few different paints but I went with the hero. It does everything I need, I’m very happy with it.

  29. Jakob Parks

    I snagged myself a couple cans for the fellas down at the Fire Hall, they can’t stop vandalizing it! But seriously, this stuff is really cool, it’s all in good fun. Me and the gang are loving it, whether we’re doing some serious planning or just making helpful reminders. Draw it Paint is the place to go if you need a gigantic whiteboard.

  30. Valerian Perez

    I bought some for my hubbie hoping that it would help him get more organized, especially with his projects in the garage. I’m so proud, he took the time to make a really beautiful board and it’s probably the nicest thing currently in our garage. I’m kinda jealous and might need to pick up more so that I can make something for myself.

  31. Leanna Sexton

    I think offering a clear version of all the paints is truly genius move. Being able to throw up a new dry erase surface on any wall without losing the existing colour was definitely a big plus for me. Now I get to keep my pretty blue walls, but also have a kick-ass dry erase board! I use it every day! It actually blends in so well that if I have nothing written on it, I swear I might lose where it is! It looks so good and works even better! I love Draw It Paint!

  32. Ari Hoffman

    Having Draw It Paint in my life has been a gift. I’ve never been as productive or organized than with Unique. Heck, I’m even more creative than ever, and I usually suck at that stuff! Unique has given me the perfect outlet for all of my work, personal, and play activities. I’d like to thank DIP for turning this schlub into a real go-getter! My life is now very much in order, and it’s all thanks to the amazing whiteboard paint from Draw It Paint Inc.

  33. Trevin Ray

    What a great idea dry-erase paint is and DrawItPaint really does it well. It comes in a slick package with very clear instructions and goes on pretty easy. If you can touch up a spot on your wall you can make the best whiteboard money can buy. I highly recommend this to professionals especially, but it’s also great for an average guy with simple needs like myself. I don’t think I’ll ever have to replace this thing.

  34. Sarahi Watts

    My boss installed Draw It Paint at our office recently. To be honest, no one really batted an eye, it’s business. But then she started, really going on with how great it is, it’s ultra durable, with a smooth finish and a shiny clear aesthetic. I mean, I get it, it’s a whiteboard. But then she said, you could erase anything even after leaving it for a couple of days, and it WOULDN’T ghost. Okay, that piqued my interest. So we left some marks on it for a week, and what do you know, it did come off with no effort at all. Color me impressed!

  35. Juan Sparks

    Draw It Paint’s Unique is a clean freak’s dream come true. If you’ve ever used a whiteboard, you know just how frustrating they are to clean, especially as they get older and more used. DIP have eliminated that and it’s been easy to clean since the beginning. It is one of the best things I have ever bought and have put it up in several rooms of the house.

  36. Kara Munoz

    I bought the clear because it gives me the freedom to put it where I want. I can still paint a wall if I feel so inclined, but I could also paint a counter-top, or a window, or maybe a desk. There’s really no limit to what this stuff can do. It’s built to handle anything you throw at it, so it can be used however you’d like. I love Unique and will definitely be buying from Draw It Paint for life!

  37. Gabriel Berger

    I love the versatility that this paint provides. I think you get an extra bonus in buying the clear version because you can then paint it on literally anything. Fear not, it comes with little stickers to put up that labels the writing surface in case your afraid you might lose it! I mean, this stuff finishes so smooth, and so clean, you actually could probably lose exactly where you painted it. Very impressed with Unique and I will be using it forever.

  38. Landen Kirby

    It is a perfect product for people who like to do casual drawing and sketching and is not yet confident to do it on paper. I say that because it is amazing how easy you can erase the dry erase marks made on the white board. I made one that fit in bags and I put it in plastic wrap inside. I can bring it around and whip it out when there is something that inspires me or when I’m simply fooling around with my friends and/or their kids. Speaking of, kids absolutely love this. They bite when I try to draw something, and not being the best artist, they go along and I try to guess what I’m drawing. Somehow this boring piece of whiteboard has made me the cool uncle to my friends’ kids. Also, its probably because I’m single.

  39. Nikolai Velez

    I will open by saying that from this day forward, I will be a Draw It Paint customer for life. I haven’t been using it very long, just a few weeks, but I’m already starting to see a lot of the amazing qualities the other folks in the reviews have been talking about. Namely, I left a little doodle in the corner and forgot about it until yesterday. I’ve been conditioned by garbage whiteboards to expect the worst, but I wiped it off with ease, and a calm rushed over me. This stuff is legit and you should definitely buy a can of Unique.

  40. Keenan Haley

    I’ve been smithing for years. A blacksmith shop is constantly smokey, hot, and there can be a fair amount of ash/soot/debris flying around. I’ve been using Draw It Paint’s The Hero for over a year, and so far, I’m shocked by how well it has handled the environment. Even if I have to wipe soot of the whole things, you would have never been able to tell it was filthy moments before. It’s a real handy tool to have, almost as much as the blast furnace itself. I would definitely recommend the paint for any tough conditions.

  41. Jayden Davis

    Bought this stuff to use in my kid’s daycare and it is awesome! The kids love to write and draw on it. Heck, they’ve even helped a few kids practice and improve their writing ability. It’s been a fantastic creative and learning tool for everyone there. The staff and I all love it and have started recommending Draw It Paint’s Unique to several of our friends and colleagues in the child-minding/teaching field.

  42. Amir Murillo

    My study group got our hands on some DrawItPaint and it’s been great for us. Our board is vibrant and performs excellently, It’s such a great study tool and does the job far better than any other board. A group of about 6 of us have been using it rigorously and there hasn’t been a single scuff or any ghosting thus far. I think you really get what you pay for with DrawIt Paint.

  43. Averie Vasquez

    I received a can of The Hero as a gift to help me organize my life in a fun way. It is really cool stuff, I’ve been using it quite a lot so far and it still looks really nice and fresh. Draw It Paint seems to be offering a whiteboard that has real staying power, as opposed to having to replace mine constantly. Go green and get a better product, everybody wins.

  44. Elvis Fuller

    I’m newly married, well again, and fixing up our new home, I wanted to show my new wife that I am pretty responsible and innovative. I actually am trying to grow as a person intellectually, and maybe that is the reason Draw It Paint somewhat resonated with me. The potential space for creativity it creates it’s very amazing and perfect for someone like me wanting to give off that idea. It is clean, strong and has an expensive vibe to it. Needless to say, she loves it and that’s why I am here writing a review!

  45. Annie Hull

    I swear by Draw It Paint through and through! It’s been truly amazing for the entire time I’ve used it. I painted it up in my house and use it every single day for drawing. Creating fun cartoons and characters has never been more fun than when I’m doing it all on my Unique dry erase board. Easy to clean, fun to draw on, and very durable. The best product I have ever bought for myself and recommend it to everyone!

  46. Jessica Holder

    I’m usually a woman of few words, and not one to make many reviews, but I just have to say what a big fan of Draw It Paint I am. They’ve really been amazing from purchase to present. The early stages came when their customer support answered all my questions and helped me choose Unique. In the long run, it’s been the paint itself that’s made me so happy. No headaches in painting it on, no rough/uneven surface, no mess. It finished super smooth and was ready to go just like that. It’s really awesome stuff and I think that anyone would be doing themselves a favor if they bought from Draw It Paint.

  47. Donte Mcintyre

    It’s a very rare thing to be excited for, whiteboards, but DrawItPaint really pulled it off somehow. I think there’s just a sense of creative satisfaction that comes with planning out your surface, cracking the can open, and seeing what a lovely end result you have. It makes you feel like a regular Bob Vila.

  48. Peter Herrera

    After years of using The Hero, I think it’s time to write a review of my long experience. I will personally attest to the incredible quality of the paint. It does indeed self-level, so no need to sand or prime any surface you want to put this on. Yes, it really does clean that well. It seems exaggerated, but I’ve seriously never had to really clean the board, it just wipes clean effortlessly. Finally, it lasts! Here we are, 4 years later, and it’s a fresh as day one. I love this paint and I love Draw It Paint.

  49. Eliezer Bover

    I got this whiteboard for my friend who’s an aspiring manga artist and she really loved this! I always thought of buying her one because she would just look up pictures online for her sketches. Now, with this, she can copy, create, and draw anime characters more conveniently. I took a gamble on the artistic medium I’d buy for her, but she said she loved the dry erase markers and the style they bring to the table. It helps too that somehow it is easier to erase on this whiteboard than pencil sketches on paper. I’ll post a photo when she gives me something she is proud of!

  50. Trenton Simpson

    I was a little surprised in how meticulous the packaging was. I researched enough about their product and I knew it was a can or cans of paint but they really made it with love as I saw it was so organized and sleek. Even when I opened it my amazement has not gone down as nothing was damaged and everything came in excellent condition. It felt like I purchased it from them directly.

    The paint is really good, being familiar with painting things from doing it with the house and some casual experience way back in college, it was no issue for me. Draw It Paint made it easier too as it had such a smooth finish. I painted different things in our house for different purposes. It is a really interesting idea and I am excited to see how to integrate all these into my daily life!

  51. Jaylin Navarro

    After a year of use, my Hero board remains as good as new. Did not expect that given my previous years of experience with whiteboards, blackboards, and other dry erase paints. Most of those stain, chip, and ghost over time, yet, after all this time, Draw It Paint have defied all odds and provided us with the Hero that will not suffer from any of these flaws! I’m truly blessed to have The Hero in my life and I think everyone else should bless up and buy a can.

  52. Franklin Good

    Draw It Paint does not disappoint with its high quality paint, and the price is not unreasonable by any measure either! Even at full price you feel that you’re getting the best ends of their deals if you plan out how you are using them as the potential to create is increased tenfold by this product. The quality is smooth and very light texture. Great for any dry erase marker and even other mediums I think. Whiteboard is as black, white or clear as you want it to be and the dry erase markers really light up in contrast to my board. All in all a very optimized and calculated purchase for me

  53. Jaydan Koch

    Despite these paints being well above the price level of “economy price”, they are, in my opinion clearly worth the price. Please, also realize there are some companies which price at far higher prices than the level for these paints and you get a much worse product. Again, worth every penny! Draw It Paint never fails to satisfy. Excellent quality and craftsmanship.

  54. Maximus Conway

    Draw It Paint has one of the higher customer satisfaction rates I’ve seen in the products I buy and consume. It’s impressive. Because with food you eat it, you like it, it won’t change since it’s gone. With products however, they can be happy the first THREE YEARS, and one bad experience and they now hate it. With my The Hero though, it’s been more than 3 years even, and I’ve never had a bad day with it. It performs and does the job as if that is it’s only purpose, to make me happy. Insane consistency is the word I’d use to describe it.

  55. Johan Boyd

    I’ve been conditioned by garbage whiteboards to expect the worst, but I wiped this off with ease, and a calm rushed over me. This stuff is legit and you should definitely buy a can of Unique. It’s the best paint I’ve ever used in my entire life.

  56. Kaila Bradley

    If you think a dry erase board has to be white, think again. This clear paint from Draw It Paint is incredible! It finishes just as nicely as the white paint, and provides the same great dry erase surface. Easy to clean and tough as nails!

  57. Sloane Beard

    Draw It Paint has the best multi-purpose surfaces. As a fan of classic games such as battleship, tic-tac-toe, etc…hilarity often ensues when me and my friends try to recreate those moments we’ve had in high school playing these games behind our teacher’s back. We have a game room in our basement and we’ve painted 2 of the walls with whiteboard paint and along with the board games we play, our nights have gone on more than 6 hours of non-stop gaming. It is pretty fun and I’m lucky to have whiteboard walls that can be used for some things as menial as this and be useful for other things during the day.

  58. Quintin Frederick

    DIP has really given me something to do in quarantine. Between playing online games with friends while using as a writing medium to filling it with random quotes and lines from the books and articles I’ve been reading, it’s been a great asset to have all-around! Productivity is more important than ever. Your mind is a muscle that must be stretched and exercised each day, and Draw It Paint is my ‘yoga mat’ or ‘treadmill’.

  59. Larissa Preston

    Unique has been the one thing in my office that I haven’t had to replace in the last 5 years. Computers, pens, chairs have all come and gone, but my Draw It Paint dry erase board stands strong, looking and feelings like it did the day I painted it. It really stands the test of time and I can see me having it for many more years to come.

  60. Skyler Moore

    Sometimes I look back at my whiteboard and think, has any other single surface saved you from so much pain and stress as this one has? And the answer I always tell myself is ‘no’. Draw It Paint has given me a whiteboard that has surpassed all expectations I’ve had of it when I first bought it. Starting out as brainstorm board, it eventually became the conference room board for my business. It’s had its share of dents and bumps, but nothing truly altering or damaging. It has served me well all these years and these days, it resides in my room, where I write my goals and dreams on it to remember them and get motivated from the moment I wake up. It’s surreal and weird to think but this object I feel has been a confidant to me and has been there for me through my ups and downs.

  61. Jonathon Pope

    I can’t get enough of my Unique dry erase board. This stuff is actually so shockingly amazing. It’s stood up perfectly over 2 years of use, and shows no signs of wavering. Clean, crisp, and classy. Love me some Draw It Paint.

  62. Fisher Armstrong

    Through the years, I eventually just learnt to trust Draw It Paint because their products, always deliver. I’ve never experienced a moment when my whiteboard felt like it wasn’t doing everything it could. Any situation I had where I needed it, it never faltered in terms of its malleability and durability, its smoothness and its cleanliness. You’d think this is something people take for granted but you’d be surprised how many people comment on my whiteboard, like its very uncanny.

  63. Sylvia Richardson

    I’ll tell you what: this whole pandemic would have been absolutely boring nightmare without my Unique dry erase wall. It’s given us so many options for all the days spent at home. We use it for game night and Pictionary. The kids draw on it, and my husband can even use it for work! It’s been a life saver during these trying times.

  64. Messiah Anthony

    I think that the clear version of the Unique paint is the best one. It gives you total versatility! White walls? Still get a whiteboard. Any other color? You still get a perfect dry erase board. It can go literally anywhere. The best of all the Draw It Paint paints!

  65. Aspen Perkins

    I’ve been using the clear paint for about a year now. I bought the white Unique in 2016 and loved it a ton, but we recently remodelled our basement and I wanted to keep the dry erase board but not paint white over our nice blue walls. I instantly bought the clear and have been as happy as I was before!

  66. Miriam King

    Draw It Paint are being slept on like mattresses. Every office in the country has a whiteboard of some kind in it, and yet none of them have figured out that those traditional boards don’t last! They need to smarten up, and buy some cans of Unique immediately! This paint is the long lasting, money saving solution to every office’d dry erase needs.

  67. Susan Orozco

    Writing on the dry erase surface that this paint creates is truly a Unique experience. I use it for all of life’s tough tasks, like grocery lists and keeping track of dinner dates! But seriously, this is the ultimate answer to chalkboard walls (shudder). I hate those things, and this is the one and only way I would ever write on my walls from now on.

  68. Matteo Villa

    This Unique dry erase paint has me seriously considering painting every square inch of my house with it! Seriously, this stuff is so amazing. You never have to worry about it staining and it’s super easy to keep clean! DIP have cracked the code to perfection with this paint and I recommend everyone gives it a shot!

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