Unique: The Hero White

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It’s the most adaptive dry erase ever made. With good reason. As the first to replace porcelain-steel and glass with its infinitely expandable roll on ability – this innovative abrasion tough formula – Unique:The Hero distributes your focus evenly, eliminating distraction and interruption. The smoothing and leveling gives you a distinctive, modern finish, and its cleaner free wipe gives you support where you need it most while working – at the base of your creativity.

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A revolution in performance that’s become a productivity icon

Its functionality shows through, creating a distinctive look that invites you to reach out and experience the smooth surface for yourself. From the glass like finish to its effortless, cleaner free wipe, our engineers formulated Unique:The Hero around connecting people, creating an aesthetic all their own, and starting a revolution in dry erase performance.

With its Abrasion Tough, Self Leveling and Smoothing, color vibrancy and contrast, and environmentally sensitive formula. It challenged practically every convention about dry erase and paint. Every feature and functionality of Unique: The Hero will advance your creative productivity.


Commercial grade – for heavy usage in large offices or warehouse settings

Abrasion Tough – whiteboard paint surface will not score or scratch upon physical abrasion to maintain dry-erase performance

Ultra Strength – physical impact will not compromise the whiteboard paint surface

Strong Adhesion – physical impacts will not separate from the wall or substrate surface

…and all the specifications of Professional grade…

Draw-It Wipe – wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing – provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling – removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD – Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting – no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining – no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force – whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe – no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever

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Guaranteed coverage

100 square feet per unit


Draw It Paint 10 year performance warranty

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Draw It Performance dry erase paint, specialty rollers, manuals


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63 reviews for Unique: The Hero White

  1. Renee Knight

    I intended to create a safe space for me in my house. A place where people can visit, relax, meditate, and release. I work from home so I feel like I needed to segregate my workspace from my home space and safe space. I wanted a wall where I could write my thoughts and problems, light the place with candles, and play soothing music. I ordered The Hero White as I feel like it would have the best aesthetic for the room. And it does complete what I wanted the room to be. I am so relieved and it is really is helpful for me. Happy the decision I made was conducive to my life.

  2. Leo Gardner

    The Hero is great! Very high quality and craftsmanship that will last a long time. I’ve had zero issues after weeks of use. Amazing!

  3. Scarlett Villa

    First off, the quality of the material is top notch. On top of that the design’s aesthetic looks amazing! Really happy I had a friend recommend Draw It to me!

  4. Mariana Mcmahon

    Using this in my store makes a big difference to see which colors we have in stock, sizes, prices, etc. It is excellent! Hope to have these for many years.

  5. Kailey Ponce

    A joy knowing that these boots will last a lifetime. Craftsmanship is amazing. Draw It Paint really out did themselves with this stuff. Cheers!

  6. Jaylee D

    I’ve never thought how good whiteboard solutions on anything could possibly get. I don’t have a lot of nice things so when I saw how beautiful and amazing the paint could be on any surface, it still took awhile for me to buy it. I owe it all to Draw It Paint, for giving me new perspective in life when I took a chance on it.

  7. Brooks Arnold

    I spent all summer using my board, and I have to be honest, I thought my hands would break first. I am using it daily and it’s had zero damage or staining. I’ve never loved a whiteboard(paint) more.

  8. Brenton Wolfe

    I am very happy with the Draw It Paint Service and strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great whiteboard paint. Worth every dollar. Keep up the great work!

  9. Alisson Bentley

    Draw It Paint provides the best customer experience of any company I’ve ever dealt with. The finished paint looks super smooth. Writing on it feels like a hot knife through butter, it’s that good. On top of the awesome paint, the customer service was amazing, making sure you’re very satisfied.

  10. Yvonne Curry

    This isn’t a review, but it is more of a statement… I just got my cans of Draw It Paint a month ago and so far I am so happy with the turnout. I painted the cabinets in my house I thought even with me being such a clean-freak I’d mess up due to inexperience but there were no spills as long as you prepare covers for spillage. It finished really well and it is very useful!

  11. Melody Carson

    In my case Draw It Paint was and still awesome, there was no odor when its done, and I have had amazing experiences with it. I am incredibly grateful I took a chance and bought The Hero White, all in all it has been a terrific purchase!

  12. Renee Knight

    For decades I’ve been using random brands, not thinking anything of them. Now that I am getting older and more perceptive of my finances, I pay more attention to everything I do now. Draw It Paint is a good brand because of its reusability and I’m happy to say that it looks like things I’ve painted on and have been using everyday are going to last a long time. Responsibility win!

  13. Carl Spencer

    The whiteboard is quite nice and it erases easily. Holds up well on where we set it up and I do not have any complaints about it. 7/7

  14. Yurem Pena

    I adore Draw It Paint and their paints. I use this in my office and I find it adds a brightness to the room. It also always spawns random creative moments for me. It’s a real game changer for my work and I have told everyone about it!

  15. Konnor Holloway

    This has been the experience of a lifetime. I can’t believe how excellent this paint is. I’m a huge fan of the finish, so slick and nice to write on. True quality, good work.

  16. Christian Chase

    I love my whiteboard paint! I do photography and some design stuff on the side and was wanting something to use as a creative space for planning out shoots/design concepts. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  17. Yasmine Osborn

    I bought The Hero to use as a tool for my writing. I like to brainstorm, a lot, and use my Hero board so often and love it more every time I use it. It’s so smooth to write on, it feels like the marker just flows with my ideas as I plot them out. Very high quality.

  18. Malcolm Kemp

    Count me as another member of the happy customer club. The Hero is an awesome whiteboard paint that I’ve been using for a year in my office. Everyone who uses it can’t believe it’s just a paint and our clients have even purchased it!

  19. Iliana Maynard

    I never knew dry erase paint was even a thing until I heard about Draw It Paint. It’s such a neat idea, I bought a can to paint a wall in my room to use for sketching! I’m an aspiring comic artist, so having a surface that I can use to make large scale drawings so I can work out details is awesome. I will definitely recommend it to all my artist friends!

  20. Jenna Knox

    It’s an amazing paint that is fun to work with because it can handle just about every dry erase marker out there. Slap it on anything, and you’ve got an art device. Pretty slick, and awesome too.

  21. Simon Benson

    As always, this paint is and has always been amazing! I cannot stress this enough! It’s smooth finish and durability are still it’s strong qualities..not that it has any noticeable weaknesses! Months later, we STILL end up buying more and more paint as we’ve expanded our horizons to painting more than just whiteboards! Our long standing consistent relationship with Draw It Paint has us having paint from them so quickly! We’ve made a number of good memories from this product and I am so thankful.

  22. Emma Farley

    We use our board for heralding the most current “things you need to know” and “things that need to get done” kinds of messages to the family. The whiteboard is an excellent choice for “heads up” daily information. We have family members who work late hours but want to be included in the “latest and greatest household news” and anything else that comes up. Draw it Paint was easy to apply and cleans effortlessly… so affordable too, thanks for making our lives easier!

  23. Janet Erickson

    I have never been a fan of physical formats when it comes to work. I tend to do everything digitally. But my office recently installed whiteboard walls and i’m blown away. My productivity has increased and I’m finding myself writing out my ideas and planning projects; while working through them at the same time! The product really is durable and flawless in terms of achieving its functionality!

  24. Breanna Masterson

    The triplets loved this when I bought it and they went nuts (with happiness) over it when I installed them! Thank god the dry erase marker from the pens were non-toxic as one of them almost licked one. I personally like how easy to clean it is and how much punishment can take. It’s been awhile for that whiteboard from Draw It Paint and has taken a lot of hits through the year and I’m happy to say it is as brand new as the day I bought it.

  25. Antonio Lucero

    Once I heard about it I was really excited to try Draw it Paint, I wasn’t sure if it would really work applying it directly to my wall, but boy was I wrong. I mostly use it to keep track of important dates (events, travelling, flights). It is great in my office and bedroom. All in all, I think if you want to make a change to a room and make yourself more productive, or just want a more entertaining calendar, I would recommend this. 5/5.

  26. Summer Washington

    When your fingers get crushed more than once in your life, it changes you. Especially in the age of technology and touch screens, interacting with tech while having broken fingers is a new form of torture. Draw It Paint, has given me a new medium of human interaction given the pain I experience. My sister bought me The Thinker and it’s helped me when I’ve needed to write down notes or things to do. Given my condition, it really has given me a new way of writing that isn’t at all painful.

  27. Oliver Hughes

    I was intrigued by Draw it Paint as soon as I stumbled upon it online, I felt like I needed to try it for myself. I ended up with the hero. I even had enough leftover to donate to a nearby student lab to resurface their whiteboard, after creating something for myself. It’s been a hit at the lab from what I can tell. I use it for simple reminders but the students have been using it much more rigorously, both still look good as new. This is a brilliant option for personal and educational needs. I encourage anyone who is curious to go ahead and try it.

  28. Princess Joyce

    When I heard about Draw it Paint, I had never really thought about creating my own whiteboard before. I was just trying it out for fun, but it turned out to be really awesome! It’s far better than cheap whiteboards, you can create whatever you need, any kind of surface. I would encourage you to go ahead if you’re curious.

  29. Stephany Stout

    In my quest to replace an old whiteboard, I learned that the surface of whiteboards are actually a paint coating, and not a solid material. This led me down the rabbit hole of whiteboard paint. I figured, if I can bypass a big, clunky board, I will. That’s when I discovered Draw It Paint. The creators of the BEST whiteboard paint on the market. There are so many bad things said about every other brand, except these guys. And the hype is real. They truly deliver on the promised quality, and you’d be a fool to not buy from them and only them.

  30. Caden Mata

    If it were practical, I would cover all of my walls in Draw it Paint. I mean think about it, it looks nice on its own, and you can take notes anytime anywhere! The kids can draw all over it too! Seriously though, this is an exceptional whiteboarding product. I’m not sure if that’s a word but I’m using it anyways.

  31. Maximilian Mays

    I am most likely the billionth person to say this, but Draw It Paint rule! I can’t believe I actually found a whiteboard paint that isn’t total garbage. So many of them seemed so cheap, and after a few months, I can tell the price of Unique was worth it. I’m pretty forgetful when it comes to cleaning, so when they say you can write something and leave it up for 30 days, they mean it. Still comes off super easily. It’s like a dream come true in the from of a paint can!!

  32. Hazel Poole

    With how much people have been talking about this, I just had to see for myself! I bought a Draw It Paint for our garage so that my husband can finally clean up the clutter there, and write on the board where is each thing. To be honest I bought it as an incentive for him to do so as it’s been a long long while since that place has been cleaned. When I came back in a couple of weeks later though, I was surprised at the work the was done! The garage is clean and the whiteboard wall was there, filled up and organized. I was so happy! Buying this resulted in success to say the least!

  33. Alayna Stone

    Draw It Paint is something I use to keep track of my statistics. Im starting out on online streaming and I’ve seen how profitable it can get. So I’m setting myself up to succeed, building my brand and making the right choices. This whiteboard is just the next step to making it. It’s really good and it’s really necessary for me now.

  34. Kianna Alvarez

    I painted my wall with Unique: The Hero over a year ago, and I’m very happy to report that after all that time and use, it still looks good as new! It’s still bright, white, and smooth! I really did not expect it to last as long as it has, given my experience with traditional whiteboards. They usually get all black and messed up after a couple of months, but Draw It Paint have delivered a whiteboard paint that will NOT do that! I am very happy I bought Unique, and will recommend it to everyone!

  35. Marianna Trujillo

    As someone who is constantly on the go, I find it tedious to have to get bogged down after a meeting trying to clean a stubborn whiteboard. That’s why I had my office by Unique. It’s self-smoothing and cleans like a dream! Now there’s no spray bottles and no chemicals. Just a loose rag and you’re off to the races. Stays perfectly white, to boot! Draw It Paint have themselves the perfect whiteboard paint and it belongs in every office in America!

  36. Pamela Fletcher

    I believe that no matter the circumstances, in the right mindset, every day can be like living the dream. That’s why I bought The Hero! It’s been just shy of 6 years and it still works as well today as it did on day one! The smoothness, the bright wipe, the ability to clean it, all of it has stayed the exact same this entire time. Truly a testament to the expert craftsmanship by Draw It Paint.

  37. Hailee Sanford

    I love this paint! We bought a can of Hero to throw up on the wall of our playroom so the kids had a big surface to work with. We painted it with a gray border and slapped up a warning sticker so the kids know to keep it within the frame! It has worked very well and the kids always have a ton of fun. The best part is that since it cleans so easily, I don’t even have to wipe it down every day. Definitely a real life saver!

  38. Moises Frazier

    I have been using Draw It Paint’s Hero in my house for over a decade. It’s seen heavy use from my days as a student, to less frequent game night bids, and most recently, for my home business. It’s been there for me all this time and has not wavered even a little bit! It’s still bright, white, and smooth! Standing the test of time is what makes DIP so damn good, and they are the only brand I trust when it comes to dry erase paint.

  39. Jaslyn Lara

    If you need a whiteboard and don’t want to settle Draw it Paint has to be the best option. For me the biggest difference is it’s lasting power. I like being able to set it up once, and have it for… well I don’t actually know how long this will last but it still looks brand new after a few months. I was holding off to review it until it at least outlasted by standard boards and it passed with flying colors!

  40. Gemma Davenport

    I’ve had a great experience dealing with Draw It Paint and their excellent customer service. They really go the extra mile to make sure you have all the info you need about their paints, as well as giving you the reassurance that no matter what, they back their product 100% and will make sure you’re totally satisfied. The paint itself is very good, I use it for teaching. I’m a big fan and greatly look forward to using it for years to come.

  41. Cora Waller

    I don’t know if I have much of a nuanced review to write, just wanted to show my appreciation for a great product. I use Unique in the day care, and it’s a great tool for drawing, writing, and teaching. It’s also very easy to clean. I’m not a fan of scrubbing or cleaners, so the fact that at most, I just need some water, that’s the best part. Safer for me and the children alike.

  42. Nathen Patel

    Turns out a whiteboard paint can get a lot of mileage on a production set! Rather than buying a big stand board, we invested in the paint because we figured it would look better on camera. We were right, but also loved the paint a lot. It’s now being used legitimately in our production offices for meetings and notes ever since. Super versatile, high quality, and we got more than our money’s worth out if it!

  43. Brayan Chavez

    A paint as Unique as my name. I really think this paint is the bee’s knees! I use it every day. It’s great for writing notes and teaching. A smooth surface that’s easy to clean and fun to write on makes for a very happy man! I heard about Draw It Paint through their YouTube series and had to check out the paint for myself. Best decision I could have made. I could see myself using this paint forever and making all of my friends/family to buy some as well!

  44. Antony Reyess

    I used DrawIt Paint’s a few times at work to replace old whiteboards. I used the hero white and it was an incredibly high quality surface when everything is said and done. I especially like how effortlessly you can wipe it clean, even after a week, maybe more than that it still wipes off like new.

  45. Arya Ranger

    Exactly what I wanted. The paint-on cans I got from Draw It Paint for The Hero black is exactly what I wanted as I needed a paint that was inexpensive, thick and smooth. All the colors of dry erase markers I bought along with it, are as what I pictured and none were damaged. Somehow I painted a picture in my head and it translated at least 90% well onto the wall I painted. The only extra recommendation I have for this is that I wish they would sell more colors of paint-on so that I could paint more areas of my house with it. Being able to write on walls seems so childish but I personally like it.

  46. Kenyon Fernandez

    My productivity has increased and I’m finding myself writing out my ideas and planning projects; while working through them at the same time! This is all thanks to Draw It Paint and their amazing dry erase paints. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to me more organized and productive buy a can today!

  47. Carolina Duffy

    I was on an exhaustive search to replace an old whiteboard in my garage. I’ve had a few, but they all fall victim to wear, tear, and staining. Isopropyl Alcohol only works for so long. Thankfully, when I saw DiP offered anti-stain whiteboard paint, I jumped at the chance. Now, I’m happier than ever. 6 months later and there are no dents, no stains, and pure happiness with my Unique dry erase surface.

  48. Khloe Moore

    It’s always a good time when I get to use my Unique “whiteboard.” I love making art, and I feel like whiteboards and dry erase offer a versatile option that gives you something that’s easy to clean and make adjustments as you go. DiP are offering the best in that realm of dry erase. Unique is the best product I’ve ever used and recommend it to all my fellow artists.

  49. Raina Trujillo

    Of all the places to find Draw It Paint in, I didn’t expect it to be literally a couple of minutes away from me! This has been highly anticipated for me because I’ve heard stories, both online and from word of mouth and I’ve been pretty excited to get one every since. However, due to the distance to the nearest branch it hasn’t been possible for me. I personally wanted to see it in person rather than getting it shipped. So, imagine my surprise when I found out about this place. Things I like about their whiteboards, they are strong, clean and they come in that clear color that makes me feel smart and mathematical!

  50. Anthony Paul

    I like dry erase boards. They’re perfect for meetings and note-taking. I do not, however, like that most white boards stain like crazy, and they just wear away. That’s why DiP’s Unique is the best. It combats the obnoxious staining and leaves you with a crisp, clean whiteboard.

  51. Ernesto Cox

    I originally was looking for a simple whiteboard to hang in my office. Something cheap and easy, no fuss. However, searching for them online started showing me ads for Draw It Paint, so I delved deeper and started reading reviews. What a life saver! Glad I found Unique and now know that I’m getting something reliable! The best “whiteboard” I could have asked for.

  52. Melina Madden

    Unique: The Hero is just lovely. I’m not one who you would describe as handy. Potentially the opposite, but the application process for this paint is really simple and straight-forward. It was such a breeze and the finish is amazing! So sanding, no priming, just paint on and watch it transform into a magic whiteboard! Draw It Paint have made me very happy!

  53. Angela Guerrero

    Unique has been a constant in my life for the last 4 years. I use it every day for my work as an event organizer. It’s helped me maintain my sanity on way more than one occasion and I would be a total disaster if I didn’t have this dry erase magic to help organize my life.

  54. Joseph Galvan

    It’s not a long story, but Draw It Paint really saved me from going crazy due to a brilliant idea from my friends while zooming which involved using the spaces behind us to do various things with it, like for quizzes for example. This led to the discover of how useful my The Thinker can be when everyone would be amazed on how easy it is to see and use. Now, I’m thinking of integrating it more to my work life now that I’m allowed to work again.

  55. Rigoberto Mcfarland

    Well bite my nuts and call me Skippy! This paint is some of the best darn dry erase paint the world has ever seen. It blows brands like IdeaPaint and Rustoleum out of the water. There’s not even a competition. Draw It Paint are the one and only worth buying!

  56. Blake Stone

    First of all, I would like to pray for everyone to be safe, whether you are at home or out there fighting for your rights. We are all in this together, and it’s great that other people are taking a stand for other people’s rights.

    That being said, my small contribution to the cause these days is a bit shallow. But it really highlights how great my whiteboard has been in these trying times. I’ve been writing signs of support or small PSAs on my 5th floor window for people to see. Whether its to give a small sense of comfort or to sharing my thoughts, people seemed to have taken a liking to it by how much they comment on it. They keep saying how easy it is to read even from afar!

  57. Vincent Rice

    I’ve been using this whiteboard from DIP to write on when I go to protests! It’s been really handy in creating easy to write and erase signs that people can read immediately! It’s so clean and the board is so sturdy, yet light that I can’t think of any brand alternative to take to these things!

    And I don’t want to have to say this but I really wish people would stop going to these things if they’re not going to take it seriously. I understand the position I am in (in life and in society) but regardless I take a stand…because if you’re not part of the solution, you’re somehow part of the problem.

    On a more serious note: Sometimes, we get fall into our own habits so much that we forget that the world is changing around us. Sometimes, we’re so used to following the rules that we forget there is injustice deeply rooted in our society. #BlackLivesMatter

  58. Reuben Faulkner

    Draw It Paint has been consistently pumping out great quality whiteboards and whiteboard paint for more than half a decade now as far as I know! From my personal experience I’ve gotten their products, my parents and relatives I’ve referred as well…and even some of my friends! Every person I’ve shared this with and that have taken my advice, their lives have gotten better cause of it. The whiteboard paint really is truly useful. Once you have it, if you didn’t have a true use for it, sooner or later you will. Whether its a wall that needs fixing or any surface that needs to become multi-purpose, they really deliver on all ends.

  59. Frida Farley

    Back in my theater days, Unique New York was my go-to vocal warm-up. Now, Unique: The Hero is my go-to dry erase paint. Honestly, anything from Draw It Paint is a go-to guarantee! The quality is exceptional, lasting for years without stains and fading. It got me through my darkest days. Thank you, DiP!

  60. Tiffany Bentley

    Draw It Paint have given me the gift of peace of mind. They’ve managed to make the perfect dry erase paint, allowing me to get exactly what I need for my home business. I use it every day for work, and it’s my favorite tool at my disposal. Unique is the paint for making life simpler!

  61. Josh Welch

    My relatives once came into my small apartment as an emergency due to something at their place. There was 5 of us squished into my 1 bedroom apartment that did not have a lot of stuff to do or to play with. I say this cause my brother had his 2 kids with him and they were restless the moment they entered. Fortunately, I had my Draw It Paint whiteboard on hand. I had used it for my work schedules and I just pulled it out as a last minute rabbit out of a hat trick. Surprisingly, it worked! We played hangman and charades for a couple of hours before they had gotten worn out and went to bed (my bed). I’m not that interesting of a person so this really cheered me up when it worked. Had a good bonding talk with my brother over beers after too! All because Draw It Paint was being its awesome multi-tasking self.

  62. HeavenBeasley16

    Draw It Paint is a crazy fun product that has enabled me to do various things! Especially this quarantine, too much pop culture and tv shows eventually takes a toll on you and I had to look for a new outlet to release some pent up productivity and creativity! I’ve written my internal monologues, some poems, even tried my hand at freehand drawing! It’s clean, it’s smooth and it erases so easy. It has made me really happy and somewhat grow as a person!

  63. Conner Warner

    We have family members who work varying hours but want to be included in the every day activities of the house and anything else that comes up. They never miss out, and it’s all thanks to Draw It Paint and their amazing dry erase paints. I say this paint is a definite buy for life!

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